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by Dietitian Kali Gray

If you had a chance to attend our Fermentation Workshop with Ros & Mario earlier in the year, you'll be VERY pleased to know that they are back and bringing us...

A Sourdough Cake & Bread Masterclass!!! 

In preparation for this class, Mario has been sending me the most mouthwatering piccies of the food we're gonna make, such as this sourdough fruit loaf …


And this french-style sourdough boule...


... (I could keep going but it will only make you hungry too!)

That's just the start of what we'll be covering. In this 2.5 hour workshop, you'll discover,

  • How to make a forgiving sourdough starter with wholemeal spelt flour - how to make it, feed it & bake with it,

  • Methods to make a no-knead wholemeal and white spelt loaf,

  • The precise French white sourdough starter - how to make it, feed it & bake with it,

  • Methods to make a sourdough French white loaf, sourdough olive loaf sourdough fruit loaf,

  • Different types of flours & the golden rule to decide if a flour is suitable.

  • How to make a sourdough chocolate cake (Mmmmm...)

  • The principles of using a sourdough starter to make sourdough pizza, pancakes, muffins, tortillas & more!

PLUS you'll taste:

  • Sourdough French white loaf,

  • Sourdough olive loaf,

  • Sourdough fruit loaf,

  • Wholemeal spelt sourdough loaf,

  • Spelt sourdough loaf with savoury fermented toppings,

  • Cultured butter,

  • Sourdough chocolate cake.

You'll also receive:

Two of your very own starter cultures to take home and start using, like this beauty here:


- Full recipe notes and a take home fermentation workbook,

- A ticket to our lucky door prize to win the Sourdough Baking Hamper (with all your start up ingredients to bake like a sourdough pro at home!)


  • When: Saturday 24th November, 11am to 1.30pm

  • Where: Maleny Community Centre, Verandah Room (23 Maple St, Maleny)

  • Cost: $89

Bookings & Inquiries:

As always, if you have any questions I am here to help! Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you for another wonderful workshop with these two masters of fermenting.

Warmly, Kali