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by Store Dietitian Kali Gray

Do you also have those days when the last thing you want to do is cook dinner?

... when being in the kitchen sounds about as exciting as jumping into a pit filled with fire ants ...

(Okay ... slight exaggeration)

Still, our lives are busier than ever before and dinners can feel like a huge effort after a big day.

One thing that helps me ENORMOUSLY is having an arsenal of healthy recipes that are fast, fresh & easy :-) 

With this in mind, September is our month of sizzlin' STIRFRYS!! They tick every box:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Fresh
  • Healthy
  • AND Affordable

What's not to love?

In these FREE demo’s, Bek will share 3 totally GORGEOUS stirfrys, including;

  • Kung Bo sitrfy with sichuan steak strips,
  • Satay chicken with pumpkin vermicelli noodles,
  • Ginger, garlic and coconut amino's flash fry with crunchy veggies,
  • How to prepare and cook 'zoodles',
  • How to nail the texture and perfect crunch of stirfry veggies (no sogginess after this class!),
  • Storage tips to extend the shelf life of your veggies and reduce food waste,
  • Quick tips for food & meal preparation to make life in the kitchen easier.

You'll also get full recipe notes, samples of every dish and a 5% discount to spend at Maleny IGA!

These classes are COMPLETELY FREE but do REQUIRE BOOKINGS. So don’t miss out & grab your tickets today at one of the following times:

For any inquiries, please email foodevents@outridgesiga.com.au - we look forward to seeing you there! :-)

Yours in food & the love of cooking (most nights at least!!),