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by Dietitian Kali Gray

Can you remember the last time you enjoyed beautifully cooked Seafood? 

Last Sunday, I had the lucky fortune of eating at the Spirit House. (It was a birthday treat!) 

We ordered the coconut Salmon soup & whole crispy fish. As I sat there (in food enrapture), I reflected on, 'How on earth do they cook like this?' Seafood can be scary. There's a small window to get it just right and we don't all have a Thai chef at home to help out! 

So it is with great pleasure that I bring you our next Food Event, From Sea To Table Seafood Masterclass...(Featuring Thai Fusion Dishes & Wine Tasting!!) 🍷

Our Guest Presenting Chefs, Trisha O'Reilly & Jo Wong, have an iconic reputation and over 20 years' experience in the seafood industry. This class is all about making Seafood easy and FUN, and Jo & Trisha have designed a menu to showcase the best, fresh, local ingredients.

In this 2 and a half hour workshop & wine tasting, you'll discover:

  • Thai Style Seafood Cakes with Red Nahm Jim Dipping Sauce

  • Betel Leaves with Smoked Trout Galangal & Salmon Pearls

  • Poached Ocean Trout Salad with fresh coconut, mint, chilli & peanuts

  • Tassie Scallops in a rich Red Curry,

  • Red Curry Paste,

  • Red Chilli Nahm Jim,

  • Cucumber Relish.

You'll also get LOADS of tips on how to select, store and handle fresh seafood for your everyday cooking...(Whilst you sip sensationally paired wines ;)) 

Here are the event details:

WHEN: Oct 17th, 11am to 1.30pm

WHERE: Maleny Community Centre, Main Hall

COST: Advertised cost is $50...BUT, as a special Food Event guest you save $10 with the Promo Code, 'THANKYOUDISCOUNT' when booking :-) 


Online - Book your ticket online here

Phone - 0411 581 945

Email - info@myfoodculture.com.au

I am soooooo looking forward to expanding my Seafood repertoire with these culinary experts and I really hope you can make it, too! 

As always, please hit 'REPLY' to this email or reach out to me directly via info@myfoodculture.com if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help :)

Yours in the joy of food,