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Maleny IGA have recently launched the Maleny Foodie Club f or serious Foodies.

Maleny IGA have recently launched the Maleny Foodie Club for serious Foodies.

Join one of our fun Maleny IGA Foodie Club Events ...

After working with thousands of clients,  resident Dietician and Nutritionist Kali Gray, pictured, realised there was one major obstacle holding people back … the kitchen! She found that no matter how badly people wanted to improve their health, there was often a lack of time, inspiration and know-how to make it happen at meal time.

The solution was clear. Show people what they can eat - and how! Kali joined Maleny IGA with a shared vision with this innovative supermarket: Make cooking and good food accessible to everyone. Kali runs weekly community cooking classes at Maleny IGA- often in conjunction with fully trained Chefs - and supermarket walking tours. 

These cover everything from cheese making and gluten free eating to fermentation! Many of these events are free or low cost, to make this information available to the whole community. 

For the serious Foodie, Maleny IGA have recently launched the Maleny Foodie Club. This club offers event discounts and access to Kali and Chefs for online support. The broader purpose is to connect like-minded people, ignite local food conversation and share the tips and tricks that make wholesome cooking a pleasure. 

Be the first to know about upcoming events! Join our mailing list & simply email dietitian@outridgesiga.com.au or message us on Facebook @MalenySupaIGA. 

Here are the events you can look forward to in February:

  • Thursday February 2 @ 11am: Modern Thai Cuisine with Alcohol Matching. Cost $25
  • Tuesday February 7 @ 7am: Supermarket Gluten Free Tour. (FREE) 
  • Thursday February 9 @ 9.30am: Italian Cheese Making & Wine Tasting, Part 1. Cost $30
  • Thursday February 9 @ 1pm: Fresh Cheese Making & Wine Tasting, Part 2. Cost $50
  • Thursday February 16 @ 11am: Healthy Snacks & Lunchbox Ideas. Cost $25
  • Tuesday February 21 @ 11am: Healthy Shopping For Type 2 Diabetes. (FREE) 
  • Thursday February 23 @ 11am: Seafood Banquet. Cost $25