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by Dietitian Kali Gray

‘Gut health’ was the buzzword of 2017 ... You almost have to TRY to avoid all the health hysteria around this topic ;-)

As such, our next Food Event is one I hope you’ll LOVE: Kombucha Jelly with Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream

In this 1.5 hour workshop, I’ll be covering:

  • How to prepare kombucha at home using a traditional SCOBY (covering first & second stage ferments),
  • How to transform your extra kombucha into a soothing, collagen rich jelly,
  • A simple recipe for coconut icecream to save money on a dairy free diet,
  • How to assemble your kombucha jelly & icecream to WOW like a foodie fancy pants,
  • The evidence (for & against) the role of kombucha for gut health.

Tickets are FREE but strictly capped at 50 places...So please book fast if this is for you! 

On that note... 

Our Food Events are growing (thank you!!!) and we are doing our very best to scale along with demand. Therefore, if you ever have trouble getting a booking, please email me at info@myfoodculture.com; I’m happy to start waiting lists and offer extra classes if the need is there. And I always super appreciate your feedback!

Finally, don’t forget that we have our Local Cheese Night and my Freedom From Dieting Seminar Series soon, so there’s lots coming up.

Have a beautiful night and thanks so much for making this all possible!