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In this little pocket of the Hinterland, we are truly blessed with good food and local producers who are passionate about creating quality food with true heart. 

One such person is Steve Maw from Maleny Coffee. Steve lives and breathes coffee. You only have to chat with him for 2 minutes to glimpse how much expertise he has under his barista belt. 

So on Saturday, March 18th, Steve and I will be hosting a free Coffee Appreciation Morning. We’ll be talking all things coffee — Steve will be explaining everything from the production process to how to brew your perfect mug of Joe at home. Whether you want to learn aboutplunger, filter, chemex, syphon or espresso, Steve will share key tips to get the most from every cup. 

You’ll also get:

  • A professionally extracted cup of coffee to enjoy,
  • Ideas to repurpose used coffee grounds,
  • A serve of delicious coffee biscotti (and the recipe - you'll want to make this at home!),
  • Some nutritional trivia about caffeine. (Did you know that caffeine consumption is associated with a lower risk of diabetes? I’ll have a second latte, please.) 

Plus, you’ll get the chance to buy this local coffee at a price you won’t get anywhere else. Tickets are strictly limited, so book your spot right now! Here’s the deets: