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by Store Dietitian Kali Gray

The next Free XMAS Food Demo is with my favourite Cook & Personal Hero ... MY MUM!

Mum is hands down my favourite cook in the world. Growing up, she made everything from scratch and I thought this was 'normal'. 

Talk about taking things for granted!

I owe my love of food and cooking - and so much more - to this beautiful, wonderful woman.

After a great deal of pleading (apparently nagging doesn’t stop when your kids are 30), I am sooo happy to introduce you to her incredible cooking too!

At this FREE December Cooking Demo, we'll be sharing a lil bit of of the joy that is her food. You'll discover:

  • Mum's family-famous stone fruit chutney (sugar free and super versatile, the perfect way to use up leftover stone fruit AND a wonderful gift idea),
  • Salted Caramel Sauce (make in bulk and gift to friends or drizzle over dessert),
  • Indian Spiced Fruit Mince (you’ll try it in gluten free pastry molds).

The only downside about this class is this: We are only running one session for 10 lucky people


I'm sorry! Mum is insanely busy at this time of year and my daughterly powers of persuasion can only stretch so far ...

So please, snap up these tickets ASAP! BUT - if you miss out :-( - email me directly and I'll pop you on a waiting list as I often get cancellations. Plus I'll send you the recipe booklet too.

We have LOADS more Xmas Cooking Classes lined up for December!! I'm just finalising a few minor details but bookings for these will be in your inbox next week! 

And in the meantime, don't forget we also have Fermentation Workshop lined up for February & Wholefood Healthy Breakfast Demo's happening this month.