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Have you ever felt like you’re on a rollercoaster with food, your body image and weight? I certainly have...and for years I felt really ashamed about this. It wasn’t until I began working with clients as a Dietitian that I realised these struggles are all too common.

It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one who battles with health, food and fitness goals...Or who looks in the mirror and has a hard time finding a kind word for your body. 

But take my word for it - we are not so different as we sometimes believe. And if you’ve ever struggled with food or dieting, and are wondering what to do about it for the New Year, you are definitely not alone! 

That’s why I’m holding a FREE Event to kickstart your New Year, Freedom From Dieting - A New Approach To Health & Happiness With Food

In this 1 hour Seminar, I’ll be sharing:

  • Why diets are physiologically, metabolically and psychologically doomed to fail for most people and often lead to weight gain in the long run,

  • Why food restriction and dieting can set up disordered eating patterns and problems with food,

  • The power of positive body image,

  • How to break the dieting ‘yo-yo’ cycle and develop a better relationship with food and your body,

  • Insights to get MOTIVATION and CLARITY behind your health goals for the New Year,

  • Practical, easy-to-implement strategies of WHAT YOU CAN DO INSTEAD of dieting to feel good and reclaim joyful, healthy eating!

You’ll also receive:

  • Worksheets to put your insights into action and momentum,

  • A 15 minute LIVE COOKING DEMO (with full samples & recipe sheet provided) of a Teff Cacao & Ras El Hanout pudding...High protein, high fibre, gluten & dairy free! (This part is optional at the end if you’ve already done a Teff Workshop with me)

  • A ticket in the Lucky Door Prize to win 2 x Fermentation Workshop tickets(valued $198) and a Gourmet Healthy Food Hamper from Maleny IGA (valued $150)

Best yet, you’ll get complimentary barista-prepared coffee from the fabulous Steve Maw from Maleny Coffee! (Thank you, Steve!!!)

 This Seminar Is 100% FREE but tickets are limited so BOOK NOW!
When: Saturday 13th January, 11am to 12.15pm
Where: Studio 1, EZYFIT Kawana (Home Central, Kawana Way, Birtinya 4575)
(This is a 35 minute drive from Maleny)
Cost: 100% FREE!

In person: Register your place at the Front Desk, EZYFIT or ask for Kali instore at Maleny IGA
Email: dietitian@outridgesiga.com.au
Phone: Maleny IGA (07) 5494 2257 or EZYFIT (07) 5493 509

I sincerely believe that food does not need to be restrictive, difficult or obsessive in order for you to be healthy and feel good. So here’s to greater joy with food!