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by Dietitian Kali Gray

My Flourish Free From Diets Transformation Course is now open for bookings & early bird discounts

This course contains everything I wish I knew 10 years ago, back when food ruled my life and I thought that dieting and restrictive food rules were the only way to be 'healthy'. 

My weight would swing 10 kilo's in a year and even on the 'skinny' side of that pendulum, I felt like food was a daily battle. So whether you're overeating, under-eating or everything in between ... Lovely, I've been there too! 

In this 4 week group program, I'll be sharing everything I've learned both personally and professionally with over 6 years of clinical experience, including: 

  • Tools to be healthy without being on a diet or obsessing about food,

  • Self-care strategies to manage stress & overeating,

  • Mindful eating practices to develop a healthy relationship with food,

  • Better body image and self-esteem,

  • Intuitive eating skills to nourish your body AND soul,

  • Strategies to free yourself from the diet yo yo cycle of weight loss & rebound,

  • How to stop craving and binging on 'forbidden' foods,

  • Tips to cultivate joy in movement

  • Ways to enjoy food without guilt and anxiety.

In a small, intimate group of supportive women, we'll be also discovering how to:

  • Befriend your appetite & understand your body's natural cues,

  • Explore your emotional landscape around food with self-compassion and awareness,

  • Heal your relationship with food and your body,

  • Flourish and take good care of your health from a place of love and self-acceptance

This program is packed full of loving support and I'm purposefully keeping group numbers small so you get hands-on help and tailored care. Each week of the program you'll take home a beautiful bookletpacked with course notesactivities and worksheets to help you smash your goals. I'll be running a weekly LIVE Facebook Call to answer your questions, in addition to our Private Facebook Support Group. During the course, you'll also be free to enjoy 2 group wellness classes at the stunning Fresh Holistic Health centre

Keen to sign up? Here are the deets! 

WHEN: Nov 1, 8, 15 & 22 - 6pm to 8pm

WHERE: Fresh Holistic Health Centre (next to Kunara)

COST: $299 $199 (save $100) for Early Bird Discounts!

BOOKINGS: Book securely online here OR request an invoice via the contacts below

CONTACTS FOR FURTHER INFO: info@myfoodculture.com or 0411 581 945

I truly believe that every woman deserves to feel good about food and her body. So if you'd love to flourish with good health, positive body image and a peaceful relationship with food, I'd be absolutely honoured to be part of your journey.