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by Dietitian Kali Gray


Are you sick of feeling like food rules your life or that body image is a daily battle? Do you feel stuck with your health, finding that you swing from 'all' to 'nothing' with diet and exercise?

In this seminar, Kali draws on 6 years of professional expertise with thousands of clients to reveal:

  • Why diets are physiologically and metabolically doomed to fail for most people and lead to weight gain in the long run,

  • Why food restriction and dieting can set up disordered eating,

  • The power of positive body image,

  • How to break the dieting ‘yo-yo’ cycle and develop a better relationship with food and your body,

  • Insights to get MOTIVATION and CLARITY behind your health goals for the New Year,

  • Practical, easy-to-implement strategies of WHAT YOU CAN DO INSTEAD of dieting to feel good and reclaim joyful, healthy eating!

You’ll receive:

  • Worksheets to put your insights into action,

  • Tea, Coffee & Biscuits upon arrival,

  • A Positive Body Image Quote Card,

  • A ticket in the Lucky Door Prize to WIN 2 x Sourdough Workshop tickets (valued $198)!

This Seminar Is 100% FREE but tickets are limited so BOOK NOW!

  • When: Thursday 13th September, 6pm to 8pm

  • Where: Maleny Community Centre, Conference Room (Upstairs above the Main Hall)

  • Cost: 100% FREE!


  • Online: Book your free spot HERE.

  • Email: Kali via info@myfoodculture.com

  • Phone: Kali (07) 5494 2257

I look forward to cooking with you soon!