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by Store Dietitian Kali Gray

When it comes to great cooking schools, these guys mean business! I had the great fortune of doing a Morcocan Class here and knew straight away that we had to do something together...This is it!

In this two hour cooking and wellness demonstration, you’ll discover:

  • Tips, tricks and substitutions to make gluten and dairy free cooking a breeze,
  • How to use nutrient-dense specialty ingredients, such as green banana flour, quinoa flour, guar gum, lucuma and much more!
  • Techniques to assemble your cakes with a chef’s finesse and ‘wow’ factor!
  • Nutritional insights from a dietitian about how to be healthy on a dairy and gluten free restricted diet.
  • Delicious recipes to try on the night, with full cooking notes and health tips included in your take-home booklet, including:

Upside down pear ginger cake with rosemary crumble: gluten free, dairy free and low GI.
Coconut Vegan Lime Tarts: Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, also diabetic friendly. 
Tropical Fruit Cake with pitaya frosting: The cake is gluten, dairy and grain free (based on green banana and coconut flour). The star of the show is the frosting - no artificial colours, all natural fruit!