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It is with absolute delight that I am writing to share our first Food Event in Maleny for the year ... Cookin' With Crickets!!! 

Yup, you read that right ;-) CRICKETS.

If you've been following food trends in the US for awhile, you may have noticed that the edible insect industry is gaining momentum. Despite being high in many nutrients, crickets offer many ecological possibilities as an alternative to livestock forms of protein. 

Freaked out by the idea? I get it, I was too at first! But I've found it's 'in my head' - when you know how to cook with them, they actually taste quite good! 

Which is why we've invited Chefs Lucas & Pedro from Grilo Protein to show us the ropes. In this 2 hour workshop, they'll answer all your questions about the 'cricket industry' and teach you how to make:

  • Protein-enriched, delicious Smoothies,

  • Pumpkin & Chocolate Cricket Cake (sugar free),

  • Cricket Crackers & Salsa...

  • And...A Surprise Recipe!!!

Here's a little secret...I'm sending this email to you and only the core group of people who've been supporting our Food Events for years (thank you so much!!). We've now got thousands of people on our database and as there are only 50 spots to this workshop, I wanted to make sure you get the first chance to book in.

It's our way of saying a heartfelt 'thank you'. So jump in and grab your ticket now!

  • When: Saturday 30th March, 11am to 1pm

  • Where: Maleny Community Centre, Verandah Room

  • Cost: 100% FREE

  • How To Book

  • Online: Follow the link here (please note online bookings take first preference) 

  • Phone: Maleny IGA (07) 5494 2257

  • Email: info@myfoodculture.com

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in weird AND wonderful food,

Kali Grey

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