"Since 1981 fresh local Mighty Bean Tempeh has been produced in the pristine hills of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Mighty Bean’s fresh local tempeh is lovingly produced by our unique traditional family process using the finest Australian Certified Organic whole Soya Beans (A.C.O. 439A). Mighty Bean has always been committed to producing a quality range of Cultured/Fermented Soy-Tempeh products that are tasty, healthy, affordable and environmentally sustainable. We believe that the maximum utilization of the Soya bean for human nutrition is achieved only by fermentation/culturing the whole Organic G.M.O. Free Soya bean into Tempeh. The other fermented soy’s for promoting health benefits are Miso(paste), naturally fermented Soy Sauces (Shou & Tamari) and Natto(Japanese condiment). Tempeh is the only alkaline fermentation known and is the most nutritional, convenient and versatile of all the fermented Soyfoods.

Tempeh is arguably the finest form of Soy available for human consumption. Tempeh contains twenty-nine of the forty-five essential nutrients generally considered necessary for good health. A look at an analysis of Tempeh shows that there are very few natural foods that can match the goodness contained within it. Tempeh contains both of the required Essential Fatty Acids, all ten required proteins, nine of thirteen essential vitamins and eight of twenty-one minerals."

Where can I find these products in the Store?  We have a selection of Mighty Bean Tempeh available from our Dairy Case.