New to our selection from The Stock Merchant comes Free Range Old Fashioned Gravy.

The Free Range Chicken Stock (made using Glenloth Free Range chickens) with vegetables, herbs and a dash of sea salt is simmered and then reduced to thicken slightly. The result is a gravy with remarkable depth of flavour. Simply heat and pour over roast chicken or any other poultry.

This is a true Old Fashioned Gravy, one that is all-natural with no E numbers, no preservatives, no MSG or other artificial gunk.

Another new-comer from The Stock Merchant is Sustainable Crab Stock made from Australian Blue Swimmer crabs. The crabs are sustainably harvested to ensure numbers are not depleted. This stock elevates the flavour of paella, bisques, seafood stews, soups and much more.

Where can I find these products in the Store?  Addictive, delicious and convenient, the Old Fashioned Gravy is available from the shelving in front of our meat case.