Pane Toscano Traditional Pizza Bruschettina is a traditional Italian par-baked bread ready-to-toast made with extra virgin olive oil. it is par-baked then snap-frozen so it retains its fresh baked flavours. Finish toasting in your own home. Bake or toast at home in 3 minutes! Stone baked in unique volcanic ovens, La Casina Pizza Bruschettina are made in the same traditional methods which have been used for centuries. The result is an authentic Pizza Bruschettina with unsurpassed flavour and texture. This product is suitable for vegeterians and contains real numbers! Pane Toscano is authentic Italian bread pre-baked in Tuscany, snap-frozen for distribution then specially thawed for your convenience.

Where can I find these products in the Store?  Find this product hanging on clipstrips on our proprietory bread shelving.