A local cheesemaker is working with living food that changes daily with the seasons and even the type of grass the animals are eating. Trevor Hart from Cedar Street Cheeserie in Maleny is an artisanal

cheesemaker – a small-scale producer who lovingly crafts each batch by hand. He specialises in working with buffalo milk, which comes from a nearby farm at Witta.

Even after the milk arrives in Trevor’s small factory, the environment continues to influence the cheese – ambient temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure to name a few.

Living food at its finest!

Who would have thought that true mozzarella isn’t that pre-grated stuff we buy in 2 kg packets but it’s a buffalo milk cheese that is a made of silky smooth layers “like an onion” because the cheese has been stressed and spun.

According to Trevor, mozzarella is “akin to a racehorse,” requiring skill and careful handling. Every three days he gets a new batch of buffalo milk and it can take up to 5 days of love and attention by Trevor to make his fine product. Unlike industrialised food, this cheese is produced in small batches.

“It’s a worthy craft and something to be creative with,” says Trevor.

“There is a lot of me in this cheese, in the sense that each day I make judgments that alter each process.

The milk is always different so, as I adjust and feel the cheese, I know at the end of each batch I will have a high quality cheese that is delicate and tasty and not smothered by the taste of salt,” he said.

Trevor recommends all good quality food should be kept simple – savour it and really enjoy what you are eating without messing it up with too many ingredients.

“If you eat a lot of something with many ingredients, you feel full, but if you eat less of something that is truly good and made of high quality, simple ingredients, then you feel satisfied.”

His top tip for eating his flavoursome cheeses: good quality tomatoes, basil, bread, olive oil or figs. And someone you enjoy sharing it with.

Where can I find these products in the Store? Cedar Street Cheeserie cheeses can be purchased at a number of farmers markets around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and here at Maleny Supa IGA. Ask our Deli Crew for advice.