Community Benefits Club Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the CBC?
A: The Maleny Supa IGA Community Benefit Club allows local community groups to raise funds through a partnering process with their local store.

Q: What does CBC stand for?
A: Community Benefit Club

Q: How much goes back into the nominated Community Group?
A: 1 Cent in every Dollar a customer spends except on smoking products

Q: How does a customer join the CBC?
A: See a Supervisor at the Front End of Maleny Supa IGA

Q: What benefits does the customer get by being a member of the CBC?
A: They help raise money for their nominated group or for community needs

Q: What can I do if I am not a member of a Community Group?
A: There is a generic Community Needs Fund which will be used at our discretion to help local individuals, families or groups who need support

Q: Does it cost anything to be a member of the CBC?
A: No, it costs absolutely nothing

Q: Do you have to provide all of your details on the Customer Application?
A: No, you do not. Only the ones marked with an asterisk are mandatory

Q: Do you have to have your keytag with you to support your Group?
A: No, you can simply quote your Customer Number

Q: Are any products excluded from the CBC promotion?
A: Yes, all smoking products. No points are accumulated for these

Q: Who do I talk to about the Community Benefit Club?
A: Contact: Samantha Outridge on 5494 2257 - we will be happy to help with your queries.

Q: Can I support more than 1 Community Group?
A: Yes, simply submit another Customer Application Form and you will receive another keytag

Q: Will I be able to change groups?
A: Yes, simply submit another Customer Application Form to change details, 
the points that you have accrued during the month in which you change will be awarded to yourNEW group

Q: How much money is potentially available to be donated back into the community?
A: Through Maleny IGA, the community has raised over $1.3MILLION for local groups and organisations

Q: How will groups know how much money has been raised for their group?
A: By checking this website or by completing a redemption request form available in-store or online.

Q: How does a Community Group redeem the money it has raised?
A: By submitting a Funds Redemption Form obtainable from the store
or downloading it from this website

Q: How long will it take to receive monies raised?
A: Allow 2 weeks for processing

Q: How does a Community Group know how much cash can be redeemed?
A: Email or use our contact details on our website. You can also contact the Store Manager on 5494 2257.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of money which can be redeemed?
A: Cheques will not be generated for amounts less than $100

Q: How often can a Community Group redeem funds?
A: As often as you wish assuming funds are available

Q: Can Community Groups use the IGA and CBC logos?
A: Yes, they are available to download from this website

Q: Are there promotional materials available for Community Group use?
A: Yes, we have banners and a marquee to promote the IGA brand

Q: Is this a loyalty program?
A: Yes it is, but one whereby the community benefits