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Ananda Marga River School CBC Story

The Ananda Marga River School recently received $4,716.49 from Maleny IGA CBC Fund.  This money helped fund a large ongoing mural project.

This exciting work celebrates the Ananda Marga River School’s 21st birthday year in a tangible form that can be enjoyed everyday.

Every grade in the school has been involved, with children submitting their suggestions on what they most loved about the school.

From there, a number of ideas were chosen and combined to create a series of very large mosaic panels.

Ananda Marga River School Art Teacher Tracy Lewis and Maleny Mosaic Artist Brett Campbell have worked with the children to create this delightful project.

When completed the panels will be combined to form one large mosaic mural and mounted on the Besser block walls near the tuckshop.

Barung Landcare CBC Story

Barung Landcare recently received $8,936.78 from Maleny IGA CBC Fund.

The money went straight into buying steel and the raw materials needed to build nursery plant tables for their Landsborough Native Plant Wholesale Production Nursery.

Thanks to all the fantastic Barung volunteer labour the money went a long way and has made a big difference.

All the plants are now up off the ground at a much easier height, saving bodies from the constant bending.

Ingeniously the plants slot into the metal mesh gaps in the table and this prevents the plants from blowing over in strong winds

Barung Landcare Nursery sales and enquiries are still handled at Porters Lane, Maleny from Wednesday through to Friday.

The growing and production now happens down in Landsborough & this facility is not open to the public.

Maleny IGA Community Benefits Club over $940,000 and counting

Since its inception in 2006, our Maleny IGA Community Benefits Club (CBC) has poured over $940,000 into charities, schools, sporting clubs, essential services and special interest groups across this Sunshine Coast Hinterland community. Over 7600 customers of the thriving, locally owned store are a part of the CBC program and one cent from every dollar they spend at the checkouts goes directly into the community group of their choice. Owners, Rob and Samantha Outridge say it’s an easy way to put money where it’s needed without groups having to come asking for a handout.

“The feedback we’ve received over the years has been extremely positive” Mr Outridge said. “Several smaller clubs have admitted that were it not for their CBC funding they may have had to close their doors.” CBC is a simple loyalty program. Customers sign up at the checkout and receive a CBC number linked to the group of their choice. They then quote the number when shopping and one cent from every dollar is deposited into that group’s account.

Samantha Outridge said groups can use their funds any way they choose. “As well as larger cost items such as building work, purchase of equipment, maintenance and repairs, many groups feed their CBC funds back into our store, buying food for events, vouchers for raffles or simply paying their store account.” “It’s about making the community we live in a vibrant and thriving one” Mrs Outridge said, “And helping individuals feel good about the part they are playing in that process.”

Maleny Rural Fire Brigade CBC Cheque Presentation.
Maleny Rural Fire Brigade CBC Cheque Presentation.
CBC Maleny IGA
CBC Maleny IGA

CBC - Montville State School

The Montville State School was thankful to receive the $6740.62 from the Maleny Supa IGA CBC Funds, which assisted them purchase new furniture for the students, replacing some that has fallen into disrepair. The lovely handcrafted wooden tables and benches are made from recycled Camphor Laurel, at the workshop of one of the student’s parents, Brad Davidge, who is an experienced local wood craftsman. The design of the furniture was assisted by another parent, Architect David Gole. The Montville P&C are glad to be able to use the aromatic wood of the Camphor Laurel tree that grows abundantly in the area, and is considered to be a weed. Brad said that the tables and chairs took around 2 full days to make, with 3 people working on them, and is very happy with the results. The children are excited about the new furniture that has been designed specially to suit their small stature. The Montville State School P&C President, Corin Kelly, said that they “wanted to support local business and expertise”, and it has proven to be a great business opportunity for Brad, as he has received orders for more furniture from parents, for their homes. The Montville P&C was so impressed with the furniture that they have commissioned him to make more for another area of the school, to be used in conjunction with their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Project. The Kitchen Garden Project is an initiative of Adelaide based chef Stephanie Alexander, who has put on her ‘Jamie Oliver Hat’ and is encouraging schools to grow vege gardens and teach children how to cook with the food that they grow. The Kitchen Garden Project at Montville State School will kick off next year, and be a part of the science program curriculum. The program will involve the children assisting in the cultivation of the vegetables, and they will learn how to cook them into delicious meals in the school kitchen,and enjoy a shared meal together. Corin applauded the IGA’s contribution to local communities and wants to reinforce the practice to ‘shop locally’. “We are encouraging our school families to support the IGA because this can be turned into really valuable contributions, to a small school that has limited fund raising opportunities.”

CBC - Blackall Range Care Group

The Maleny IGA CBC contribution of $1366.89 has been of huge benefit to the Maleny members of the Blackall Range Care respite group with the creation of an extra day at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, on Monday mornings. The Blackall Range Care Group provides community care services for people living on the range that require “assistance with health care, personal care and home maintenance”. For sick or elderly residents of the range, the opportunity to engage in social outings is an important part of life, and without it they would spend a lot of time in isolation, confined to their homes due to immobility, lack of transport and lack of social connections. The Blackall Range Care Group goes some way towards providing a better quality of life, through providing activities that bring them together with other like-minded people of their age group.Until recently the Maleny residents of the Blackall Range needed to travel to Flaxton for the daily respite activities which involve games, social outings and other activities, but due to the travel distance they were finding it to be a long day. The 6 month trial of the addition of the new day of respite in Maleny will mean that more people will be able to enjoy the community care services from the Blackall Range Care Group, without needing to travel so far from home.

The financial contribution from the Maleny IGA allowed the Blackall Range Care Group to fund the Monday morning session at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, with the purchase of new games, morning tea and other activities for the group. While at the MNC, the group enjoy a morning tea of food purchased from the IGA, and learn how to play Mahjong and other board games. Beryl and Cathy from the Blackall Range Group are excited for the opportunity to extend the service to allow for an extra day for residents from the Maleny area. “It was a long time on the bus for them, as there are lots of stops on the way to the Flaxton Cottage, so having it here in Maleny is great because it’s a very central place, and they’re enjoying it a lot.”

CBC - Maleny Bowls Club

The Community Benefit Fund contribution of $1191.76 has come just in the nick of time for the Maleny Bowls Club, as their cash register broke recently and cost $647 to fix! “The money came at a very opportune time for us as the register just broke,” said the Clubs President Ian Hanson.The bowls club has been trading at a loss this year because of the rain, which means they have lost quite a few days of play for their regular groups. When they can’t play, nobody pays, but they still need to pay for all the amenities and keeping their bar stocked so they can enjoy a beer after the game, so the rest of the CBC money will help with maintenance and keeping the place going. Ian invited the community to come along sometime and try out a game of bare foot bowls, which are held at 2pm on Fridays at the Bowls Club. He said the Maleny Bowls Club is a great place to hold functions for Birthdays, Christmas or any other celebration. He regularly has group bookings for people celebrating an occasion, who come along to enjoy a game or two of bare foot bowls with a barbecue catered by the Bowls Club.

Incase you weren’t sure where it is, the club is situated next to the Maleny Primary School and just behind the Maleny Hotel. A zen-like feeling of calm washes over you as you step onto the green, with a backdrop of the rolling green hills of North Maleny. As well as being open during the week, the club is open Saturdays and Sundays and takes bookings for groups to come along and have a game.  Ian appreciates the CBC members who have nominated the Maleny Bowls Club as their beneficiary and welcomes anyone else who has not yet become a member to join up and nominate them, as every dollar helps.

For bookings phone the Maleny Bowls Club after 2pm on 5494 2335, or Ian Hanson on 54999932

CBC - Maleny Community Kindergarten

For the C and K Kindergarten in Maleny, the local Maleny IGA has been a huge support, allowing them to keep the centre afloat, but also assisting them with their sustainability projects around the centre. Director Ruth Law said that because they are a non-profit organisation they rely heavily on community support and their biggest supporter is Maleny IGA. Ruth said the recent contribution of $275.00 assisted them to buy a wooden dresser for the children in the classroom. “Over the years the IGA has helped us with purchasing all sorts of things for the centre. They have assisted us to buy the rainwater tanks, they helped with the plants, they paid for our 3 chooks, and they’ve paid for equipment. It’s been fantastic!” The movable chicken tractor cost $900 which they were able to buy with money from the Maleny IGA Community Benefit Fund. Having the chickens helps with teaching the children about where baby chickens and their eggs come from.

The centre has a strong focus on sustainability, and Ruth says that it is all ‘hands on’, with the children learning all aspects of sustainable living, including recycling everything, and apart from the chickens they also have a worm farm for the children’s lunch scraps. They have recently started planting an orchard with apple and other fruit trees, indigenous trees and an undercover area where they will be holding a yarning circle. “We’ve just got another grant through and we’re putting in an orchard and will be extending the undercover area to have musical instruments, and its really just a great place for the kids.”  Ruth said they like to give back something to the community, and they reciprocate with the money that comes to them from the Maleny IGA, by putting it back into the area. “If we use Maleny IGA funds then we use local builders. The money stays in the community and it’s not going elsewhere.”

CBC - Quota International of Maleny

The Maleny IGA Community Benefit Fund contributions assist local community group Quota to help members of the community who are hearing or speech impaired, and to support disadvantaged women and children in the area. The most recent contribution of $95.85 went towards a hamper of local products which they raffled to raise funds for the groups activities. Over the years the CBC contributions have also assisted Quota to pay for catering supplies for both their Show Café and the Debutante Ball which is held for Grade 11 girls from Maleny High School. According to Quota President Rana Bartlett, Quota International was formed in the USA in 1919. The Maleny club was formed in 1987 and they have approximately 20 members to date. The Maleny group is heavily involved with the Hear and Say centre at Nambour, and the STEMM project at Burnside High School, which assists young mothers to finish their schooling while their babies are cared for by volunteers. Through their fundraising enterprises Maleny Quota also supports local community groups including the Blackall Range Care Group, TS Naval Cadets, Maleny Girl Guides, Care Flight and AGL Rescue Helicopters. Internationally they also contribute financially to assist Mercy Ships, and the 15 ‘Hand in Hand’ projects which are run by Quota clubs in third world countries.

The group has a number of different fundraising enterprises that they employ to assist them with raising funds for the many programmes that they are involved in. Some of these include the Annual Quilt Show, the Quota Café at the Maleny Agricultural Show, their Annual Cent Auction and Book Sale, and the street stalls they put on at various community functions. They value the Maleny IGA CBC contributions as a way of keeping catering costs down for functions, so that they have more money for the other projects that they support.

CBC - Maleny Health and Wellness Festival

The Maleny IGA donation of $500 to the Health and Wellness Festival was the perfect financial balm to assist Veronica Davidson to hire a professional sound engineer for the festival. As the festival centred around ‘The Sound of Healing’ theme. Maleny IGA’s donation contributed to one of the most important aspects of the event. Local sound guru Pix came to the party agreeing to discount his normal rate. Veronica said that the headline act for the festival, “Sacred Earth” were very happy when they heard that Pix was doing the sound, because he is one of the best around. The festival was a great success with approximately 400 people attending the Maleny Showgrounds to immerse themselves in the sound of healing. The event, which was held on Saturday the 12th of October brought to fruition Veronica’s vision of showcasing both the magic of Maleny and bringing together practitioners to share their skills by ‘encouraging health, wealth and happiness through peer support’. The festival featured both local performers and visitors from further afield including international sound artists Chris James and Sacred Earth.

As well as musical performances, the festival was a showcase for therapists and healers, artists, street performers, and an array of delicious healthy cuisine to lift the spirit. Veronica said everyone made mention of the uplifted energy of the event, and she felt this was attributed to the ceremony held with local Indigenous Elders of the area on the previous day. She said recently the boundaries for Indigenous peoples in the area has changed, so the ceremony brought together the Elders of the two different mobs for the ceremony to open the festival.

CBC - Maleny Girl Guides

According to the Maleny Girl Guides President, Leanne Large, the group is a very adventurous one, with the girls drawn to the more thrilling activities available to them. The recent contribution of $283.27 from the Maleny IGA Community Needs Fund helped the group buy cooking ingredients and other things they need for their weekly group activities. Leanne said it works really well to do it this way as the money is going back into the IGA. The group meets on Monday’s at the Girl Guides Hut on Cedar Street in Maleny 3:30-5:30pm, and the girls undertake different activities to earn badges and learn new skills. On the Girl Guides most recent adventure they went to the Strawberry Camp at the Mudjimba Apex campsite,with the Sunshine Coast District Guides. The camp activities included high ropes, low ropes, a river cruise, a nature walk through the mangrove forest and a visit to McSweeney’s Strawberry Farm. They also made pink teddy bears. At the camp they had to abseil down Mount Tinbeerwah, which they were able to do easily and completed their Trefoil 1 Adventure badge in Abseiling. Guide Leader Rebecca Dostal said the camp is a great way for the girls to satisfy their desire for adventure safely, and learn all aspects of abseiling, such as how to get themselves down if they are stuck on a rope. “This year they were able to do the high ropes, which are as a high as the telegraph poles, so it’s amazing, and they are the only ones on the Sunshine Coast that have completed that badge.”

The girls have also been working on their BP badge (Be Prepared) which taught them about how to approach a situation in a crisis. “For example, home fire safety” said Leanne. “The girls drew a plan of the house and worked out where they would go in the event of a fire, and then prepared a first aid kit.” Leanne said the activities teach valuable skills, and help them & their families be better prepared in the event of a situation like the one we had earlier in the year, where there was flooding and no power. “We’ve downloaded all the information from the council website and will be preparing kits with emergency phone numbers and other information for the girls to have in their homes.”

The Guides assists the girls with all aspects of life including an awareness of our local area and its history. They recently completed their Faith Awareness Badge where they learned about the legends of the Glasshouse Mountains, and a local Indigenous man from Crystal Waters, Timothy Miller visited the Girl Guides sharing some stories about his life.

The Maleny Girl Guides welcome new girls who want to get involved. For more information about joining contact Rebecca Dostal on 0400 878 115, or Leanne Large on 0447 239 725.

CBC - Maleny State High School

The recent Maleny IGA CBC contribution of $2203.11 to the Maleny High School went into their maintenance fund which covers general day to day needs of the school. Maleny High School Business Services Manager, Carol Hart, said that the money was a welcome addition to the school fund that assists with different aspects of the daily running of the school. According to Carol, the money is spread around the school in the form of the upkeep of the gardens, general office needs such as photocopy paper, and other things that are needed to keep the school community running smoothly. The schools groundsman Greg Vivash was thankful of the contribution that assists him to buy plants and equipment to keep the school grounds looking lovely. For Greg, who recently came to work at the school, his daily challenge is keeping the weeds down, which proves to be quite a job as he says they are more hardy here than in other places.  It’s not just the weeds that are stronger and more resilient in Maleny; the Maleny High School students are some of the most talented and resilient around, and the high school is set to help them even more to make their mark in life.

The high school recently launched its Community Connections project which aims to ‘create opportunities and improve outcomes’ by drawing in more community support for its students, and those of the Maleny Flexi School. Acting Deputy Principal Peter Hoehn is dedicated to creating a Community Connections Hub to align school practices with the workforce and industry. The project will change the face of senior schooling for students at the high school with a focus on student based traineeships, work experience, Tafe courses and increasing vocational pathways. The Sunshine Coast Tafe has recently come on board with the high school to bring a Certificate III in Digital Media which will enhance skills in the digital industry arena, to begin at the high school in 2014. For more information about the Community Connections project or courses contact the Maleny High School on 5499 8111

CBC - Maleny Athletics

When Rob Outridge attended the opening of the new Maleny Athletics shed at the back of the Maleny High School grounds last month, he asked the QA (Queensland Athletics) group if there was any way he could help them, or anything they needed. They said that what they really needed was a mower, and the Maleny IGA forked out the $3000 to buy this much needed piece of machinery for the club. Rather than mowing the grass (which is mostly done by the school, except for holidays), the most important use of the mower is to move heavy equipment from the shed to the field, and back again at the end of the day. For the Maleny Athletics team, their weekly athletics practice requires a range of equipment to be taken out onto the field and set up, including high jump mats, shot put balls, hurdles, javelin and other bits and pieces. This means that the parents and volunteers need to move this equipment and some of it is extremely heavy. With the mower to help them they have everything on trolleys which they attach to the back of it, and it pulls everything out onto the field; saving everyone’s backs, and keeping the equipment at its best. “Before we had the mower we used to have to drag the big mats and other equipment in and out of the shed, which meant a lot of work for the parents, and damages the equipment from dragging it along the ground,” said Maleny Athletics Treasurer, Joanne Titherage.

Joanne’s husband Craig, who is also involved with the club, said they couldn’t have kept the club going without the support of Rob and the Maleny Apex group, who together have assisted them greatly with financial contributions and manual labour in erecting their new shed. “Rob has been particularly supportive of us through the Community Benefit Fund, and we just want to say a big ‘Thanks Rob’ for the brilliant support from the IGA. If it wasn’t for the likes of Rob and the IGA, clubs like this wouldn’t be able to exist.”

According to Aiden, Joanne’s son, another great thing about athletics is that the children don’t compete with each other; they are competing with their own personal best. So it’s a great way for children to build confidence in themselves. The centre currently has 48 athletes ranging from age 5 to 17, who meet at the Maleny High School on Saturday mornings. It costs around $150 for the whole year (which covers insurance and uniform) and is a great way for kids to stay fit and have fun while learning new skills. For more information about joining Maleny Athletics,or to volunteer to help out on Saturdays, check out the website or contact Maria Dodd (Centre Manager) 5494 2686, Sally-Ann Stewart (Secretary) 5494 2322, or Joanne on 5494 4278

CBC - Maleny High School Chaplain

Chris ‘Chappy’ Davis is the kind of person you meet once, but remember forever… and for all the right reasons! Chaplain at Maleny State High School since 2004 and currently on leave, Chappy’s enthusiasm for what he does is contagious.

Over the years, Chappy has built a reputation for always being accessible, approachable, never judgmental, a confidante, mentor and someone who helps students smile when the going gets tough.

Not surprisingly, when asked who his role models are, Chappy replies “I don’t have to search far for heroes. I go to school and see them every day. Whilst the school may be small in numbers, the students are very big in heart.”

Secretary of the School’s Local Chaplaincy Committee Fran Tickle has worked with Chappy for many years and knows his reach extends far beyond the walls of Maleny High.

“He’s passionate about everything he does” she said “And is loved by so many people. Chappy’s work positively impacts the students and their families, as well as the staff and the whole community.”

Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits (CBC) Program has played a vital role in supporting Chappy’s valuable work with the High School Chaplaincy Committee receiving over $250 to date.

Fran says CBC funds assist families struggling through, illness, financial hardship, relationship breakdown or other stressful life situations.

“Funds subsidise student camps and excursions, provide uniforms, fuel vouchers to help with hospital trips as well as put meals on the table of families in need” she said.“Money provided through CBC and the High School’s Interact Club also bought a motorised scooter for a student with a disability.”

When shoppers at Supa IGA Maleny nominate Maleny High School Chaplaincy as their CBC recipient and quote their CBC number when going through the checkout the ripple effect reaches far and wide.

“CBC provides a magnificent service” says Fran, “And it benefits the whole community.”

Relief Chaplain Matt Osberger is continuing to provide a wonderful Chaplaincy service at the High School until Chappy’s return.

Sign up for CBC at the checkout or online at

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CBC - Maleny Ambulance

They don’t have a name for him yet, but there’s a new kid in town at the Maleny Ambulance headquarters that’s assisting train the local Ambulance folk and First Responders Unit.

The most recent Maleny IGA CBC contribution of $1800 went towards the $22,000 needed to purchase the high tech resuscitation manikin used to train the paramedics and other emergency response workers from the area. According to Steve Tooley, Officer In Charge at Maleny Ambulance, the Maleny IGA contributions have assisted them a lot over the years, by purchasing much needed equipment for both training and the upkeep of the Maleny Ambulance station.

The latest addition is the resuscitation manikin. It is a high tech computerised piece of equipment that acts as a human would when receiving treatment. The life-size manikin can be programmed with a medical emergency issue and it will respond to treatment; itcan be given needles and defibrillation, it talks, and will act as a human would in a medical emergency situation. It will even die if the wrong medication is given!

The fundraising body behind Maleny Ambulance is the Maleny and District Local Ambulance Committee, a volunteer organisation working all year around raising funds. Their President, Jim Carseldine, said “the manikin has been of huge assistance with training the ‘First Responders Group’ out in Kenilworth. The group is made up of 12-15 volunteers that live in the area who receive training and are on call to respond at the first sign of a situation. They are trained to provide basic first aid, use of the defibrillator etc, and will respond to accidents in and around the Kenilworth area. Due to the distance that needs to be travelled for Ambulances from Maleny who respond to emergency calls, it has proven to be an important part of saving lives to have the first response unit ready in the case of an emergency.” Steve said “ in the event of an accident, or medical emergency, sometimes time is the most important thing that could save a life.”

Sign up for CBC at the Maleny IGA checkout or online at and nominate Maleny Ambulance as your beneficiary.

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CBC - Maleny Primary School Chaplaincy

Beverly Seagroatt, Chaplain at Maleny State Primary School prefers to be called ‘Chappy Bev’ the name she adopted soon after commencing at the school late in 2008. Chappy Bev helps children resolve friendship difficulties, assists  students who are experiencing personal issues such as family breakdown or illness and aims to promote a sense of overall wellbeing and belonging amongst all students.

“I love to see children grow - to realise their potential and build resilience.”  Bev does a great deal more in her time at the school and has become an integral part of the community there.  “We run lunchtime programs such as art, craft, games and other activities. It gives kids another chance for success in the school.”

Latecomers to join Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club (CBC) Chappy Bev’s school programs have already benefitted from funding. “We only have a small number of CBC members but already we’ve been able to channel money into our fundraising endeavours. Last round we purchased prizes for the Cent Auction at the Maleny Show, one of our main Chaplaincy fundraisers.”

Future CBC funding will assist families who struggle to provide the basics for their children such as uniforms and lunches, or money for excursions.   The Federal Government funds only two days a week of Chappy Bev’s wages – the other day is fundraised through community fundraising.

Bev is grateful for all the support she receives, both at the school and within the community.   “We have a wonderful Chaplaincy Committee and we’d love to grow our services even more. If more people could assign their CBC funding to chaplaincy, we’d be able to support even more children and their families, especially this year with funding being tight.”

Shoppers can sign up for the CBC program at the checkout of Maleny  IGA or online at   “Rob and Samantha Outridge have created at Maleny IGA a place  that is central to the community – somewhere to catch up with people, have a chat. The CBC benefits groups all over town. It’s  incredibly generous and I’m  extremely grateful for their support.”

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CBC Erowal Aged Care Facility

Deciding how to spend their Community Benefits Club (CBC) funds is a very diplomatic process at Maleny’s Blue Care Erowal Aged Care Facility. Volunteer Coordinator and Diversional Therapist Roma Burrell explains how.

“We meet with the residents and have a chat about what they need or what they would like. It’s usually something practical, something that will make life easier or more enjoyable. Then they vote on it.”

Maleny Supa IGA’s CBC funding is a wonderful source of income for the Erowal residents’ funds. Over the years it has provided a motorised wheelbarrow, soil for the gardens and maintenance as well as bingo prizes, activity materials, party supplies, even an ice-cream cart which is currently being made ready. It’s sure to be a hit with the residents come summer!

“Funding from CBC has also enabled us to purchase some lovely paintings for around the facility and some historic photos of Maleny for residents and visitors to enjoy.”  High on the wish list for future funding is a sun sail for the back of a lodge.  “This will enable the residents to enjoy the view” said Roma “And sit comfortably outside in  the warmer months.”

Residents, their family members and friends as well as staff and volunteers all support Maleny IGA’s great initiative to put money back into this wonderful aged care facility. Many people who are not directly involved also appreciate the important role Erowal plays in caring for the elderly in our community and show their support by allocating their CBC dollars at the checkout.

“We are so grateful for the support of Maleny IGA. We want to keep our residents as independent as possible and this funding helps make life more enjoyable for them in so many ways."

To join Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club, simply pick up a form instore or apply online at You’ll be given a keytag with a number on it. Simply mention it every time you shop and 1% of your purchase (except tobacco) will be automatically credited to the residents’ funds.

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CBC - Maleny Singers

$500 of Maleny IGA CBC contributions have come in handy to assist the Maleny Singers pay for their contribution towards a joint project between the group and their sister group, the Maleny Players. The two groups each contributed half of the $1000 needed to purchase a well needed back drop curtain for the Maleny Community Centre which will greatly enhance use of the hall for productions.

Following the refurbishment of the hall, the Community Centre was fitted with a ‘banjo’ curtain rail, allowing the stage to have a backdrop curtain that can be used on both sides; the only thing missing was the actual curtain. So the two community thespian groups put their heads together and decided to each pay half each to purchase a backdrop curtain that can be used for performances, for many years to come. Maleny Singers President, Phil Simmons welcomed the chance to use some of their Maleny IGA CBC monies on such a worthy community project and thanked their contributors.

The curtain has been bought, painted and hung in the community centre in preparation for the upcoming June performances of the Maleny Singers, ‘Die Fledermaus’ opera production, opening on the 21st of June at the Maleny Community Centre. The opera, hailed as one of Johann Strauss’ ‘most famous and hilarious parties’ tells the story of Gabriel von Eisenstein, who disguises himself as a Frenchman to attend a ball held by Prince Orlofsky, at the insistence of his friend, Dr Falke. Despite being due to attend prison that day, Gabriel attends the ball and falls into the trap of Falke, who seeks revenge on his unknowing friend. When the prison governor arrives to take Gabriel to jail he finds his wife in a compromising position with her ex-lover, Alfredo, who is taken to jail in his stead. What follows is a hilarious chain of events leading up to the discovery of Gabriel’s true identity, and the completion of Falke’s plan.

Following the Die Fledermaus production, the curtain will be repainted and used for the Maleny Players annual pantomime production of Peter Pan, which will show later in the year. Phil says the Maleny Singers were excited about the opportunity to “use the IGA money to buy a real asset for the community”.

For more information about the Maleny Singers - contact Phil on 0412 441 049 and LIKE their Facebook Page To find out how to support this and many other community groups, ask for information next time you’re at the checkout or download a form at

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CBC - Ananda Marga River School

All children attending the Ananda Marga River School have benefited from money received through Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club (CBC.)  Principal and Co-founder of the school Prabha Demasson said CBC has been a tremendous boost.  “We've funded music and reading programs, tuck-shop supplies, purchased a popcorn machine, bought toys and wool rugs for our early childhood centre and helped set up our kitchen garden.”

In particular, Prabha credited CBC in helping enormously with the school’s reading schemes.  "CBC helped us purchase books and teachers’ manuals for our take home readers program, starting with the higher grades until we had enough to fund readers for the entire school.”

The music program has always been a strong part of the school’s curriculum and Maleny IGA’s CBC money purchased classical and bass guitars, a bass amp and put strings on all the violins.  “We were also able to buy 22 ukuleles – one each for our Year 2 students which was a wonderful achievement.”

The River School has been one of the greatest supporters of CBC since its inception having received over $50,700.

“The school has a great community of dedicated parents” said Prabha. “CBC provides a fair and equitable way of distributing funds as it’s based on customer loyalty. It also saves the awkwardness of asking for money. It’s up to us as a school to encourage our parents to support their local supermarket and we've found that they do… often long after their children have left.”

Prabha is grateful to owners Rob and Samantha Outridge and all the shoppers who allocate their CBC dollars at the checkout to The River School.  “Rob and Sam are so gracious and have always supported the school. Now it’s inspiring to see that support come full circle with some of our beautiful past students taking up positions in the store.”

For more information about the Ananda Marga River School visit To find out how to support this and many other community groups, ask for information next time you’re at the checkout or download a form at

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CBC - Conondale Rural Fire Brigade

For the brave volunteers of the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade, the recent contribution of $4201.88 in Maleny IGA CBC funds will assist them to buy much needed communication equipment. First Officer Gary Bochowof the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade said that “every little bit helps”. He commended the generosity of the Maleny IGA, and the community members who have chosen the Conondale Fire Brigade to receive their CBC contribution. In a fire situation the better the communication the more chance there is of the crew getting onto the fire before it gets out of hand, and the more chance they have of saving property and people. “Time is such an important factor and can make all the difference,” says Paul Beavis, Third Officer and Secretary of the Conondale Brigade. “But another important aspect of controlling fires is the landholders own preparedness. All the small basics of being prepared can make a big difference; keeping vegetation down, gutters clear and having a good water supply could save their house in the event of a fire situation.”

Before the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade started in 1990, the community relied on it’s locals to watch out for fires and communicate via their own networks, but having the fire brigade provides peace of mind for landholders in the area. While funded through the rates levy from the Caloundra City Council (which covers the basics of the day to day running of the station), the brigade runs on the backs of its volunteers who do it for the love. “More dwellings in the area means that it is more challenging to ensure that everyone stays safe, and every bit of extra manpower helps,” said Paul who welcomes new volunteers to assist them in this valuable community service. “You don’t have to be actively fighting fires to help, anyone that can man the radio, refill the vans when they come back in, or provide food during an incident,would be of huge assistance.”

To volunteer or to contact the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade phone Paul Beavis on 5494 4630. To contribute your CBC points to the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade, register for your own CBC number with the Maleny IGA, and nominate them as your beneficiary.

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CBC - Maleny Showgrounds

If you've been down to the Maleny Showgrounds recently, you might have noticed how fantastic it’s looking with green fields, immaculate buildings and abundant sheltered areas. During the recent storms and subsequent power outage, many people were without running water and unable to shower or use their toilets at home. Fortunately, many were able to utilise the hot showers at the Maleny Showgrounds to start their day.

The Maleny Show Society, the organisation that keeps the Showgrounds looking as fabulous as it does, could not do so without the assistance from the Community Benefits Fund (CBC) - money contributed by the Maleny IGA on behalf of its customers. The Show Society were the recent recipients of $3300 of CBC Community Needs Funds, a discretionary fund for the community.  This money has assisted them with maintenance and the smooth running of the showgrounds area. Show Society President, Ivan Hankinson has been involved with the Showgrounds since 1976 and was grateful to receive the money. It has provided assistance for erecting new shelters, the upkeep of buildings, keeping the toilets and showers running and providing a space for the community to use.

Apart from larger community events such as the Maleny Music Weekend, Wood Expo, Real Food Festival and the annual Agricultural Show, there are many different groups that use the grounds for different purposes. Caravan clubs from all over Australia come every week to park their vans and enjoy the Hinterland. The feedback Ivan hears is always positive. “It’s beautiful,” they say, “We haven’t seen a showground like this anywhere!” Ivan is enthusiastic about the showgrounds being a great community hub. “We've got it all - people walking dogs, fitness training, soccer, cricket, tennis, cadets, the gym, Maleny Players and the arts and crafts building. The Hall is rented out by people doing yoga, meditation and Tae Kwon Do. It’s like Queen St here every day.

To contribute to the Maleny Showgrounds through Maleny IGA CBC, register for your own CBC number and specify Maleny Show Society as your beneficiary, or specify the CBC Community Needs Fund, where funds are used as needed within our community.   To volunteer or contact Maleny Showgrounds contact Lois, Show Society Secretary at the Maleny Showground Office on 5494 2008.

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