The Walker Family Since our December Newsletter article and Maleny IGA Kenilworth Local Food Tour visited the Walker family farm last year, Kacey Walker has become famous! Appearing on the April cover of the Courier Mail “Taste” insert with an article and follow up interviews re changes to free range chicken laws reducing the ranging area.

The Walker family use the term ‘nomadic, pasture-laid eggs’ to describe their eggs. Walker Family Farm eggs actually are truly free-range, as their chickens roam around the pasture all day. A large area of land is enclosed in portable fencing creating their chook paddock.

Their enclosure and chook caravan is moved regularly around the property, so they always have green grass to eat.George Walker says “chickens can take up to 40% grass in their diet,” so unlike barn-laid eggs, their nomadic chickens get this valuable source of chlorophyll making their ‘Chook Eggs’ high in essential Omega 3 oils.

The Walker family have recently adopted another 450 chickens, and added a second chook caravan to their farm at Cambroon, 30 minutes from Maleny. This helps them keep up with Maleny IGA shoppers demand for their delicious nomadic, pasture-laid eggs.

According to Kacey, the response to their eggs has been phenomenal since the Maleny IGA started stocking them. They take 1800 eggs in to the IGA, twice a week, and they still sell out!

George remembers the phone call from Peter, the IGA produce manager, just before Christmas, saying “don’t wait for us to call you, just bring them in.”

With their children Lachlan, David and Abbie helping out on the farm and collecting the eggs you can feel this family’s care and pride in their product.Room to Roam for Walker Family Farm Chickens