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CBC - Every little bit helps The Range Croquet Club

The Range Croquet Club is a small friendly club that play association croquet and golf croquet at the club’s lawns at the Maleny Showground.

Members hover around the 20 mark with numbers swelling when a tournament is held or visitors come to Maleny for a game.

The first meeting was held in 1989, the lawn put down in 1989 and the first game held in July 1993. A second lawn was laid in 1996.

Croquet is an outdoor lawn game where each player uses a mallet to knock his ball through the wickets (small wire hoops) to score points. Croquet courts can be set up in any manner the players desire, though the traditional croquet court is set as two double diamonds within a rectangular field.

The object of the game is to be the first player to knock the ball through all the wickets and end by striking the final stake - a thin, striped pole usually placed just beyond the last wicket. Though first played by the peasantry in France in the thirteenth century, croquet became somewhat of a game of the upper class in England and Ireland in the 1800's. Now it is a game played worldwide.

Although small in comparison to other local groups, The Range Croquet Club has been well supported by Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club (CBC.)

Vince Carbery, President of the club since 1997 expressed his gratitude to IGA Maleny owners Rob and Samantha Outridge at what a small amount of funding has been able to achieve.

“The funds we’ve received have contributed towards the construction of three new shelters which have proven a welcome relief from both the summer heat and the Maleny drizzle.

“We’ve also put some towards the cost of a function and are looking towards paving under the shelters. That’s next on our wish list!”

With the club approaching its 20th anniversary, an event is being planned to celebrate.

“Rob came to our 10th Anniversary celebration and we’d love to have both he and Samantha there for our next milestone.”

Long-time local, Vince is quick to point out why he enjoys shopping at Maleny IGA.

“If you need help, someone is always there. I just love that if an item is not in stock, the staff will take your phone number and call you when it’s in.

“And the CBC is a great idea” he said. “Maleny IGA has been so supportive of local groups and organisations.”

Anyone for croquet?  Croquet players visiting the area are welcome to call and arrange a game and the club always welcome new members and anyone who is not a player but would like to come and try the game.

For more information email or phone Vince on 5494 2193.

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