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Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCAR)

CBC - Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCAR)

Representatives from the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCAR) recently paid a visit to Maleny Supa IGA to express their appreciation. Through the generosity of the Maleny and surrounding community, the refuge successfully completed its ‘Desex in the City’ program which saw 500 cats desexed across the Coast and HinCBC_SCAR1_psterland in 2012. $25,000 was raised through the store’s Community Benefits Club (CBC) which gave cat owners access to a discounted rate for the procedure. Cat Supervisor at the Refuge, Robyn Kindermann explains how the program works.

“22 vets take part across the Sunshine Coast area, including Maleny Vet. Cat owners visit the refuge and pay $49 for a voucher which they present to a participating vet. The money received from Maleny IGA pays the difference in cost to the vets who also discount their rate for the program.

“We couldn't have done this without the generous contribution of Maleny IGA and its CBC customers.Desexing a cat is the single most important thing a cat owner can do. It helps keep cats from wandering, protects our environment and improves their health as well.”

MalenySupa IGA owner Rob Outridge is a great fan of the refuge. “SCAR is one of our most popular beneficiaries. They have 569 members in our CBC program and through them we have donated almost $57,000.” He adds “Our cat Fessy has been desexed, but I don’t think he’s ever forgiven me and takes it out on me at every opportunity!”

SCAR Committee member Felicity Cassidy also thanked shoppers for the contributions to the collection bin at the store. “We welcome donations of food, blankets and sheets. Right now we’re in desperate need of kitten food.”

The next round of Desex in the City will be running again this year. Keep an eye on the SCAR website for details.

To contribute to the refuge through Maleny IGA CBC, register for your own CBC number and specify Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge as your beneficiary. Remember you can also drop donations of goods into the collection bin at the front of the Maleny IGA store.

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