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CBC - Maleny Showgrounds

If you've been down to the Maleny Showgrounds recently, you might have noticed how fantastic it’s looking with green fields, immaculate buildings and abundant sheltered areas. During the recent storms and subsequent power outage, many people were without running water and unable to shower or use their toilets at home. Fortunately, many were able to utilise the hot showers at the Maleny Showgrounds to start their day.

The Maleny Show Society, the organisation that keeps the Showgrounds looking as fabulous as it does, could not do so without the assistance from the Community Benefits Fund (CBC) - money contributed by the Maleny IGA on behalf of its customers. The Show Society were the recent recipients of $3300 of CBC Community Needs Funds, a discretionary fund for the community.  This money has assisted them with maintenance and the smooth running of the showgrounds area. Show Society President, Ivan Hankinson has been involved with the Showgrounds since 1976 and was grateful to receive the money. It has provided assistance for erecting new shelters, the upkeep of buildings, keeping the toilets and showers running and providing a space for the community to use.

Apart from larger community events such as the Maleny Music Weekend, Wood Expo, Real Food Festival and the annual Agricultural Show, there are many different groups that use the grounds for different purposes. Caravan clubs from all over Australia come every week to park their vans and enjoy the Hinterland. The feedback Ivan hears is always positive. “It’s beautiful,” they say, “We haven’t seen a showground like this anywhere!” Ivan is enthusiastic about the showgrounds being a great community hub. “We've got it all - people walking dogs, fitness training, soccer, cricket, tennis, cadets, the gym, Maleny Players and the arts and crafts building. The Hall is rented out by people doing yoga, meditation and Tae Kwon Do. It’s like Queen St here every day.

To contribute to the Maleny Showgrounds through Maleny IGA CBC, register for your own CBC number and specify Maleny Show Society as your beneficiary, or specify the CBC Community Needs Fund, where funds are used as needed within our community.   To volunteer or contact Maleny Showgrounds contact Lois, Show Society Secretary at the Maleny Showground Office on 5494 2008.

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