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CBC - Maleny Ambulance

They don’t have a name for him yet, but there’s a new kid in town at the Maleny Ambulance headquarters that’s assisting train the local Ambulance folk and First Responders Unit.

The most recent Maleny IGA CBC contribution of $1800 went towards the $22,000 needed to purchase the high tech resuscitation manikin used to train the paramedics and other emergency response workers from the area. According to Steve Tooley, Officer In Charge at Maleny Ambulance, the Maleny IGA contributions have assisted them a lot over the years, by purchasing much needed equipment for both training and the upkeep of the Maleny Ambulance station.

The latest addition is the resuscitation manikin. It is a high tech computerised piece of equipment that acts as a human would when receiving treatment. The life-size manikin can be programmed with a medical emergency issue and it will respond to treatment; itcan be given needles and defibrillation, it talks, and will act as a human would in a medical emergency situation. It will even die if the wrong medication is given!

The fundraising body behind Maleny Ambulance is the Maleny and District Local Ambulance Committee, a volunteer organisation working all year around raising funds. Their President, Jim Carseldine, said “the manikin has been of huge assistance with training the ‘First Responders Group’ out in Kenilworth. The group is made up of 12-15 volunteers that live in the area who receive training and are on call to respond at the first sign of a situation. They are trained to provide basic first aid, use of the defibrillator etc, and will respond to accidents in and around the Kenilworth area. Due to the distance that needs to be travelled for Ambulances from Maleny who respond to emergency calls, it has proven to be an important part of saving lives to have the first response unit ready in the case of an emergency.” Steve said “ in the event of an accident, or medical emergency, sometimes time is the most important thing that could save a life.”

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