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Dry-Aged Beef Tips with Caine

Beef is aged in the cabinet at a low temperature for a number of weeks creating a very tender and tasty product.

Beef is aged in the cabinet at a low temperature for a number of weeks creating a very tender and tasty product.

As part of our recent renovations and in a first for the Sunshine Coast, we had our own custom-built Himalayan Salt Dry-Aged Beef cabinet installed.

Beef is aged in the cabinet at a low temperature for a number of weeks creating a very tender and tasty product.

When the dry-aged beef comes out of the cabinet we cut off the outside of the beef and slice into steaks or as per customer orders.

Dry-aged beef should be cooked the same way you would any other steak.

A few tips:

  • Always make sure your pan (cooking surface) is hot (near smoking).
  • Leave your meat out before you cook it so it reaches room temperature.
  • Always leave your meat to rest after cooking.

Spoil your Dad this Fathers Day with a lovely local dry-aged beef steak!

Organic Food Section Doubles

Have you noticed the organic section floor space has doubled?

Organic grocery items previously shelved throughout the store have now returned to the Organic / Health Food section.

This makes it easier for you to find all your organic items in one place. The only exception are the teas, they will be staying where they are.

Bee Man local Honey is now available in bulk sizes up to 3kgs!!

If you are wondering where Crystal Waters Honey has gone don’t panic, it will be back in stock after winter has passed, when more flowers are out.

More great news, we’ve recently taken on a new organic supplier and brought in organic flours and packet ready meals ie risottos etc.

Spring is here and if you are preparing for the beach season with shakes and smoothies check out our expanded range of powders in the Health Food Section.

I’m always on the lookout for the latest must-have organic product.

If you want a particular product ordered don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Universal Providers sign

Street View of Maleny IGA before the latest store front facelift.

Street View of Maleny IGA before the latest store front facelift.

As many of you know this store has been here since 1905 and is the only original business in Maleny, trading out of its original position. It was a general store providing groceries right from the beginning.

It has a long history and as Rob Outridge, owner of Maleny IGA says, “that sense of history is strong with us.”

In an effort to maintain the historical integrity of the front of the building only heritage colours were used in the building repaint after the renovation.

The Universal Providers sign is going back up on the front facade of the building and will be more prominent than it was in the past. You’ll see a much larger, illuminated sign.

All the Maleny Supa IGA signage will move to the front fascia and Universal Providers will dominate the facade.

Now the painting and renovation is complete, by the end of the year Rob  hopes to have all the signage finished.

Maleny IGA Opening Hours and Online Delivery Days

Look up and give Malcolm our Maleny Animal Trail possum a wave

Look up and give Malcolm our Maleny Animal Trail possum a wave

Opening Hours: 6am to 9pm Monday to Sunday

Online Shopping Delivery Days

Monday:  Bald Knob, Balmoral Ridge, Booroobin, Curramore, Maleny, North Maleny, Reesville, Witta, Wootha, Flaxton, Mapleton and Montville.

Wednesday: Bald Knob, Balmoral Ridge, Booroobin, Curramore, Maleny, North Maleny, Reesville, Witta, Wootha.

Bald Knob, Balmoral Ridge, Booroobin, Conondale, Curramore, Elaman Creek, Harpers Creek, Maleny, North Maleny, Reesville, Witta, Wootha.

Maleny Supa IGA 26 Maple Street, Maleny Phone (07) 5494 2257

Ananda Marga River School CBC Story

The Ananda Marga River School recently received $4,716.49 from Maleny IGA CBC Fund.  This money helped fund a large ongoing mural project.

This exciting work celebrates the Ananda Marga River School’s 21st birthday year in a tangible form that can be enjoyed everyday.

Every grade in the school has been involved, with children submitting their suggestions on what they most loved about the school.

From there, a number of ideas were chosen and combined to create a series of very large mosaic panels.

Ananda Marga River School Art Teacher Tracy Lewis and Maleny Mosaic Artist Brett Campbell have worked with the children to create this delightful project.

When completed the panels will be combined to form one large mosaic mural and mounted on the Besser block walls near the tuckshop.

Barung Landcare CBC Story

Barung Landcare recently received $8,936.78 from Maleny IGA CBC Fund.

The money went straight into buying steel and the raw materials needed to build nursery plant tables for their Landsborough Native Plant Wholesale Production Nursery.

Thanks to all the fantastic Barung volunteer labour the money went a long way and has made a big difference.

All the plants are now up off the ground at a much easier height, saving bodies from the constant bending.

Ingeniously the plants slot into the metal mesh gaps in the table and this prevents the plants from blowing over in strong winds

Barung Landcare Nursery sales and enquiries are still handled at Porters Lane, Maleny from Wednesday through to Friday.

The growing and production now happens down in Landsborough & this facility is not open to the public.

Local Product News

  • Maleny Dairies has new product packaging.
  • Bee Man Honey now comes in bulk containers up to 3kg.
  • Maleny Cheese Factory Butter is back in stock.
  • The Pastie Pom Pâtés have new packaging.
  • Kenilworth Cheese new style of Edam.
  • Woombye Cheese Company new local blue cheese “Blackall Blue”

New Organic Items in-store

Fresh Produce has sourced a range of new Organic Curries. Made in NSW all are Gluten Free and most are sugar free.

Look in the Grocery “Health Food” section for an expanded organic range with a number of new suppliers including flours & ready packet meals.

Maleny IGA Bakery Update

Roman Taberna fresh handmade pizza bases are proving very popular.  Made in Brisbane these used to be a frozen item and are now supplied fresh in a pack of three.  Find them on the top shelf in the small deli fridge to the right of the main deli counter.

French brioche is now available in the bakery department.  From the traditional rolls to a long chocolate brioche they are tasty treat.  Brioche is considered a Viennoiserie, and made in the same basic way as bread, with a richer pastry due to the extra addition of eggs, butter, liquid (milk, water, cream, and, sometimes, brandy) and occasionally a bit of sugar.

Italian Biscuits.  Five new types of Italian biscuits are recent additions to the international bakery range.  Cantuccini also known as Biscotti, a twice baked almond biscuit comes in two flavours; Mixed Berry & Lemon.

The other three Italian biscuits are similar to Australian jam drop cookies with a fine Italian pastry filled with Hazelnut paste, Apricot jam & Raspberry jam.

Zenders Gluten Free Breads are back in stock after being out of supply for a number of months due to a production issue.  They’ve moved to a new location and you’ll now find them just down from the fresh bread in the bakery freezer.

Have you seen the new top shelf in bakery full of sweet treats.  Three of the most popular are the Glazed Donuts, Blueberry Muffins and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  All the chocolate chip cookies and melting moments are cooked in-store at Maleny IGA.

Introducing Jo James

Jo James our Seafood Specialist has been with Maleny Supa IGA for nine months.

Previously managing a seafood section for another retailer in Yandina, the expanded seafood section at Maleny IGA and the freedom to create her own display and mixes enticed Jo to make the move here.

Raised in Yamba, a little fishing village in NSW, Jo has fished and surfed all her life.  You’ll find her at Maleny IGA behind the seafood counter from 7am to 3pm five days a week.

Jo has introduced a number of new seafood mixes.  These are a quick dinner solution.  Simply toss in the wok with a bit of olive oil on high for five minutes to cook.

Seafood mixes include NZ Mussels with Sweet Chilli, Onion and Capsicum, Prawn and Scallop mix &  Marina mix.

Other new lines include: Lemon & Dill Prawn Skewers and Hervey Bay Scallops.

If you are looking for something not in our display cabinet just ask as we may have extra supplies in the cold room.

Fresh seafood arrives every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  All of our fish is supplied fresh by a local company in Kawana.  Whole fish is a speciality, look for a new display section out the front of the Butchery Servery section

If you are late shopper and would like to pre-order your seafood, give Jo a ring and she can put it aside for you.

New local product popcorn!

Rory Cullinan, his wife and young family moved up to live on the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane in 2008.

In 2013 they started M.A.D (Make A Difference) Popcorn in Woombye and began selling it at Eumundi Markets as a social business enterprise.

Their aim was to create a viable small business and raise funds for a local charity. In April this year they introduced a new line to retail with the creation of the scrumptious Popcorn Lovers brand.

The majority of the ingredients are from Queensland. All the corn is grown in Kingaroy & the sugar is from Bundaberg, while the bases used are made overseas.  Popcorn Lovers popcorn is gluten free.  No additives or preservative options are also available.

Popcorn Lovers popcorn has a shelf life of four months thanks to a prevention barrier sheen on the packaging preventing oxygen transpiration and sugar’s natural preservative qualities. Popcorn Lovers Popcorn comes in eight delicious flavours.

Caramel, a blend of dark sugars and the most popular.  Salted Caramel, introduced recently is the current flavour trend.  Cappuccino, a caramel base with coffee running through it. Traditional Butterscotch.  Coconut, coconut bound into a butterscotch base. Choc Caramel, chocolate glaze and caramel. Macadamia, crushed local macadamia’s on a butterscotch base.  Rocky Road, a mix of chocolate, butterscotch, coconut and strawberry.

Local Frozen Meals

Gourmet Afrika Frozen FoodWhat a great opportunity to try some of the diverse flavours of South Africa, the ‘rainbow nation’. Local identity Matilda Scarfe is the driving force of Gourmet Afrika.  All her products are made in a commercial kitchen in Maleny.  While  you might be familiar with her take-home condiments did you know you can also take home her frozen meals?

Perfect for easy meals and easy entertaining! Wow your friends or family with these and no-one will know you simply reheated & served.

Unlike Indian curries, South African curries are rarely hot instead they contain a flavoursome combination of many different herbs and spices.

Meet the Maker & Taste Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Pates and Terrines

Are you partial to a bit of Pate and crackers?  Did you grow up when Terrines were available in all the local deli's?  Sue and Dave from Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B were so disappointed with the taste of commercial pates on the market they started making their own.

From making a few batches to enjoy with friends and family it's now grown into a burgeoning small gourmet business.  Maleny IGA is the first supermarket to stock their range and it's all thanks to our fantastic customers who spotted their stand at the Eumundi Markets and kept asking and asking for it to be sold in our supermarket.

As Sue says, "I've come to learn there are pate people and non-pate people.  All I need to do is give the pate people a taste of my products and most of them become customers. They love the taste, the low food miles and the local ingredients."

All their Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Pate's are gluten free and you have the choice of three flavours:

  • Salmon,
  • Cognac & Green Peppercorn,
  • Port & Black Peppercorn.

You can find their full range of pates  in the Maleny IGA Deli Cheese fridge along with some terrines.  Terrine's can also be made to order for special occasions - ask Janelle for more information.

Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Terrine jars are lined with pancetta and slow cooked in a bai marie.  Flavours include:

  • Celebration - Turkey Mince, Juniper Berry, Cranberry, Pistachios, Cognac, Herbs
  • Chicken & Sage,
  • Chicken & Cranberry,
  • Chicken & Pistachio,

If you are a pate person and would like to taste Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Pates & Terrines you are in luck as we've got two dates booked in for in-store taste testing.

Look for Sue in the Deli section inside Maleny IGA between 2 - 4 pm on Friday 11th September and Friday 2nd October.

CBC Erowal Aged Care Facility

Deciding how to spend their Community Benefits Club (CBC) funds is a very diplomatic process at Maleny’s Blue Care Erowal Aged Care Facility. Volunteer Coordinator and Diversional Therapist Roma Burrell explains how.

“We meet with the residents and have a chat about what they need or what they would like. It’s usually something practical, something that will make life easier or more enjoyable. Then they vote on it.”

Maleny Supa IGA’s CBC funding is a wonderful source of income for the Erowal residents’ funds. Over the years it has provided a motorised wheelbarrow, soil for the gardens and maintenance as well as bingo prizes, activity materials, party supplies, even an ice-cream cart which is currently being made ready. It’s sure to be a hit with the residents come summer!

“Funding from CBC has also enabled us to purchase some lovely paintings for around the facility and some historic photos of Maleny for residents and visitors to enjoy.”  High on the wish list for future funding is a sun sail for the back of a lodge.  “This will enable the residents to enjoy the view” said Roma “And sit comfortably outside in  the warmer months.”

Residents, their family members and friends as well as staff and volunteers all support Maleny IGA’s great initiative to put money back into this wonderful aged care facility. Many people who are not directly involved also appreciate the important role Erowal plays in caring for the elderly in our community and show their support by allocating their CBC dollars at the checkout.

“We are so grateful for the support of Maleny IGA. We want to keep our residents as independent as possible and this funding helps make life more enjoyable for them in so many ways."

To join Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club, simply pick up a form instore or apply online at You’ll be given a keytag with a number on it. Simply mention it every time you shop and 1% of your purchase (except tobacco) will be automatically credited to the residents’ funds.

Creative Commons Licence

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CBC - Ananda Marga River School

All children attending the Ananda Marga River School have benefited from money received through Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club (CBC.)  Principal and Co-founder of the school Prabha Demasson said CBC has been a tremendous boost.  “We've funded music and reading programs, tuck-shop supplies, purchased a popcorn machine, bought toys and wool rugs for our early childhood centre and helped set up our kitchen garden.”

In particular, Prabha credited CBC in helping enormously with the school’s reading schemes.  "CBC helped us purchase books and teachers’ manuals for our take home readers program, starting with the higher grades until we had enough to fund readers for the entire school.”

The music program has always been a strong part of the school’s curriculum and Maleny IGA’s CBC money purchased classical and bass guitars, a bass amp and put strings on all the violins.  “We were also able to buy 22 ukuleles – one each for our Year 2 students which was a wonderful achievement.”

The River School has been one of the greatest supporters of CBC since its inception having received over $50,700.

“The school has a great community of dedicated parents” said Prabha. “CBC provides a fair and equitable way of distributing funds as it’s based on customer loyalty. It also saves the awkwardness of asking for money. It’s up to us as a school to encourage our parents to support their local supermarket and we've found that they do… often long after their children have left.”

Prabha is grateful to owners Rob and Samantha Outridge and all the shoppers who allocate their CBC dollars at the checkout to The River School.  “Rob and Sam are so gracious and have always supported the school. Now it’s inspiring to see that support come full circle with some of our beautiful past students taking up positions in the store.”

For more information about the Ananda Marga River School visit To find out how to support this and many other community groups, ask for information next time you’re at the checkout or download a form at

Creative Commons Licence CBC - Ananda Marga River School by Maleny Supa IGA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at

CBC - Conondale Rural Fire Brigade

For the brave volunteers of the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade, the recent contribution of $4201.88 in Maleny IGA CBC funds will assist them to buy much needed communication equipment. First Officer Gary Bochowof the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade said that “every little bit helps”. He commended the generosity of the Maleny IGA, and the community members who have chosen the Conondale Fire Brigade to receive their CBC contribution. In a fire situation the better the communication the more chance there is of the crew getting onto the fire before it gets out of hand, and the more chance they have of saving property and people. “Time is such an important factor and can make all the difference,” says Paul Beavis, Third Officer and Secretary of the Conondale Brigade. “But another important aspect of controlling fires is the landholders own preparedness. All the small basics of being prepared can make a big difference; keeping vegetation down, gutters clear and having a good water supply could save their house in the event of a fire situation.”

Before the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade started in 1990, the community relied on it’s locals to watch out for fires and communicate via their own networks, but having the fire brigade provides peace of mind for landholders in the area. While funded through the rates levy from the Caloundra City Council (which covers the basics of the day to day running of the station), the brigade runs on the backs of its volunteers who do it for the love. “More dwellings in the area means that it is more challenging to ensure that everyone stays safe, and every bit of extra manpower helps,” said Paul who welcomes new volunteers to assist them in this valuable community service. “You don’t have to be actively fighting fires to help, anyone that can man the radio, refill the vans when they come back in, or provide food during an incident,would be of huge assistance.”

To volunteer or to contact the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade phone Paul Beavis on 5494 4630. To contribute your CBC points to the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade, register for your own CBC number with the Maleny IGA, and nominate them as your beneficiary.

Creative Commons Licence CBC - Conondale Rural Fire Brigade by Maleny Supa IGA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at