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CBC - Maleny High School Chaplain

Chris ‘Chappy’ Davis is the kind of person you meet once, but remember forever… and for all the right reasons! Chaplain at Maleny State High School since 2004 and currently on leave, Chappy’s enthusiasm for what he does is contagious.

Over the years, Chappy has built a reputation for always being accessible, approachable, never judgmental, a confidante, mentor and someone who helps students smile when the going gets tough.

Not surprisingly, when asked who his role models are, Chappy replies “I don’t have to search far for heroes. I go to school and see them every day. Whilst the school may be small in numbers, the students are very big in heart.”

Secretary of the School’s Local Chaplaincy Committee Fran Tickle has worked with Chappy for many years and knows his reach extends far beyond the walls of Maleny High.

“He’s passionate about everything he does” she said “And is loved by so many people. Chappy’s work positively impacts the students and their families, as well as the staff and the whole community.”

Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits (CBC) Program has played a vital role in supporting Chappy’s valuable work with the High School Chaplaincy Committee receiving over $250 to date.

Fran says CBC funds assist families struggling through, illness, financial hardship, relationship breakdown or other stressful life situations.

“Funds subsidise student camps and excursions, provide uniforms, fuel vouchers to help with hospital trips as well as put meals on the table of families in need” she said.“Money provided through CBC and the High School’s Interact Club also bought a motorised scooter for a student with a disability.”

When shoppers at Supa IGA Maleny nominate Maleny High School Chaplaincy as their CBC recipient and quote their CBC number when going through the checkout the ripple effect reaches far and wide.

“CBC provides a magnificent service” says Fran, “And it benefits the whole community.”

Relief Chaplain Matt Osberger is continuing to provide a wonderful Chaplaincy service at the High School until Chappy’s return.

Sign up for CBC at the checkout or online at

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