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MCU Charitable Trust has an interesting spin on Maleny IGA CBC

Spreading funds throughout the community for over 12 years.

The beauty of donating through Maleny IGA’s Community Benefits Club (CBC) program at the check-out, is that you can get involved simply by shopping!

“Our focus,” Terry Scolari, CEO of Maleny Credit Union states, “Is on supporting the community, not just on banking. We’re currently exploring new ways to contribute even more.”

Within the next month, MCU will make it even easier to contribute to their Charitable Trust via Maleny IGA CBC by offering key tags so shoppers won’t have to remember their number.

As it stands shoppers have their own allocated number and nominate a CBC group to benefit from their shopping. This allows shoppers to change their nominated group as they see fit.

Terry has another idea, just quote number 20284 when you’re at Maleny Supa IGA’s checkout to support more than just one community group – it goes towards helping many!

The number belongs to Maleny Credit Union’s (MCU) Charitable Trust which has been supporting our community’s schools, hospital, service clubs and other local not-for-profit groups for over 12 years.  Keep an eye out for news from MCU about how to grab your keytag, but in the meantime, quote 20284 when you shop at Maleny IGA.

For more information about the Charitable Trust, visit

You don’t need to be a member of MCU to allocate your CBC dollars either. Just quote the number, and a percentage of your grocery dollars will be allocated to the Trust.

Terry says it’s a great way for people who don’t mind which particular group their CBC money goes to, but still want to help our community.

“People nominate the Charitable Trust as they want the funds to be divided up between a number of worthwhile projects.

“The trust is run by a management committee made up of members of the community. Each year groups apply for funding for a range of needs. The Trust has funded everything from art materials to table and chairs, community events to computer equipment, reading resources to shelter boxes.”

To date, Maleny IGA’s CBC funding has contributed over $2100 to the trust, but funding comes in through other areas.

Each year MCU allocates up to 10% of before tax profit to the MCU Charitable Trust.

“We’ve contributed over $236,700 to the Maleny community over the past 12 years,” said Terry. “Our ‘spare change’ programmables MCU members to donate any ‘cents’ in their accounts to the Charitable Trust every month.”

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