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CBC - Maleny Primary School Chaplaincy

CBC - Maleny Primary School Chaplaincy

Beverly Seagroatt, Chaplain at Maleny State Primary School prefers to be called ‘Chappy Bev’ the name she adopted soon after commencing at the school late in 2008. Chappy Bev helps children resolve friendship difficulties, assists  students who are experiencing personal issues such as family breakdown or illness and aims to promote a sense of overall wellbeing and belonging amongst all students.

“I love to see children grow - to realise their potential and build resilience.”  Bev does a great deal more in her time at the school and has become an integral part of the community there.  “We run lunchtime programs such as art, craft, games and other activities. It gives kids another chance for success in the school.”

Latecomers to join Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club (CBC) Chappy Bev’s school programs have already benefitted from funding. “We only have a small number of CBC members but already we’ve been able to channel money into our fundraising endeavours. Last round we purchased prizes for the Cent Auction at the Maleny Show, one of our main Chaplaincy fundraisers.”

Future CBC funding will assist families who struggle to provide the basics for their children such as uniforms and lunches, or money for excursions.   The Federal Government funds only two days a week of Chappy Bev’s wages – the other day is fundraised through community fundraising.

Bev is grateful for all the support she receives, both at the school and within the community.   “We have a wonderful Chaplaincy Committee and we’d love to grow our services even more. If more people could assign their CBC funding to chaplaincy, we’d be able to support even more children and their families, especially this year with funding being tight.”

Shoppers can sign up for the CBC program at the checkout of Maleny  IGA or online at   “Rob and Samantha Outridge have created at Maleny IGA a place  that is central to the community – somewhere to catch up with people, have a chat. The CBC benefits groups all over town. It’s  incredibly generous and I’m  extremely grateful for their support.”

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