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Ananda Marga River School CBC Story

The Ananda Marga River School recently received $4,716.49 from Maleny IGA CBC Fund.  This money helped fund a large ongoing mural project.

This exciting work celebrates the Ananda Marga River School’s 21st birthday year in a tangible form that can be enjoyed everyday.

Every grade in the school has been involved, with children submitting their suggestions on what they most loved about the school.

From there, a number of ideas were chosen and combined to create a series of very large mosaic panels.

Ananda Marga River School Art Teacher Tracy Lewis and Maleny Mosaic Artist Brett Campbell have worked with the children to create this delightful project.

When completed the panels will be combined to form one large mosaic mural and mounted on the Besser block walls near the tuckshop.

Barung Landcare CBC Story

Barung Landcare recently received $8,936.78 from Maleny IGA CBC Fund.

The money went straight into buying steel and the raw materials needed to build nursery plant tables for their Landsborough Native Plant Wholesale Production Nursery.

Thanks to all the fantastic Barung volunteer labour the money went a long way and has made a big difference.

All the plants are now up off the ground at a much easier height, saving bodies from the constant bending.

Ingeniously the plants slot into the metal mesh gaps in the table and this prevents the plants from blowing over in strong winds

Barung Landcare Nursery sales and enquiries are still handled at Porters Lane, Maleny from Wednesday through to Friday.

The growing and production now happens down in Landsborough & this facility is not open to the public.

CBC Erowal Aged Care Facility

Deciding how to spend their Community Benefits Club (CBC) funds is a very diplomatic process at Maleny’s Blue Care Erowal Aged Care Facility. Volunteer Coordinator and Diversional Therapist Roma Burrell explains how.

“We meet with the residents and have a chat about what they need or what they would like. It’s usually something practical, something that will make life easier or more enjoyable. Then they vote on it.”

Maleny Supa IGA’s CBC funding is a wonderful source of income for the Erowal residents’ funds. Over the years it has provided a motorised wheelbarrow, soil for the gardens and maintenance as well as bingo prizes, activity materials, party supplies, even an ice-cream cart which is currently being made ready. It’s sure to be a hit with the residents come summer!

“Funding from CBC has also enabled us to purchase some lovely paintings for around the facility and some historic photos of Maleny for residents and visitors to enjoy.”  High on the wish list for future funding is a sun sail for the back of a lodge.  “This will enable the residents to enjoy the view” said Roma “And sit comfortably outside in  the warmer months.”

Residents, their family members and friends as well as staff and volunteers all support Maleny IGA’s great initiative to put money back into this wonderful aged care facility. Many people who are not directly involved also appreciate the important role Erowal plays in caring for the elderly in our community and show their support by allocating their CBC dollars at the checkout.

“We are so grateful for the support of Maleny IGA. We want to keep our residents as independent as possible and this funding helps make life more enjoyable for them in so many ways."

To join Maleny Supa IGA’s Community Benefits Club, simply pick up a form instore or apply online at You’ll be given a keytag with a number on it. Simply mention it every time you shop and 1% of your purchase (except tobacco) will be automatically credited to the residents’ funds.

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