Linda picking a lime Suncoast Lime Range squareDaniel and Linda Tabone have been lime farmers since 2002, and enjoy making their lime cordial for themselves at home.Their cordial recipe is one that has been passed down for generations in Linda’s family. In 2010 due to a flood of produce in the lime market, they found that they were not getting paid enough for their limes, so they decided to trial selling their lime cordial commercially at the Eumundi markets. When they started they didn’t think it would take off, but it did, and over the next 4 years they built it into a successful business. Linda and Daniel have developed their range to include their all natural pre diluted Suncoast Limes cordial in small bottles, ready to go. A sugar-free cordial and a lime salt, and lime chilli salt have recently been added to their range as well.

Daniel commissioned a prototype machine to remove the lime zest which goes into their lime salt, saving him a lot of time doing it by hand. They are currently working on a delicious ‘Limeberry Fizz’ recipe; combining strawberry and lime, with a planned launch sometime next year.

Maleny IGA is delighted to have Suncoast Limes locally made products now available for our customers. Pre diluted, read to drink Suncoast Lime drink is in the fridge section in Maleny IGA. Two standard and sugar free Lime Cordial are available in 500 mls and 1 litre bottles. Suncoast Gourmet Salts, Chilli and Lime and Lime add a delicious flavour to salads and vegetables. You’ll find them both in our Gifts and Gourmet store and in the Local Products section near the milk in Maleny IGA.