Maleny IGA old register photo Maleny IGA old front end imageI bet many of you can’t remember what the old Maleny IGA checkouts looked like now. Isn’t it funny how time moves on and we forget. These photos may help jog your memory. The express lane was on the MCU Bank side of the store and only had two registers, not three as we presently have. In general we had less checkouts before the renovation with each a single stand-alone registers not double sided like many are now. Other recent changes have been widening the entry into the produce section. Changing the trolley storage bay; remember they used to be where the express lane checkouts are now.

Christmas 2012 saw us reclaim the back left part of the store, where the milk is kept. This area used to be a staff room. New wooden floor was laid and major electricity rewiring was required.  Early 2013 the new fridges went in and this greatly expanded the dairy goods selection we can provide for you.

A large part of the changes have been ‘behind the scenes’. Digging out underneath the store. Strengthening the foundations, pouring concrete, and all this was before we began the major construction work.

Let’s not forget the disruption when the entire walkway to the car park was replaced. While we love the covered walkway now, it was a nuisance for some negotiating trolley’s during the makeover. Then the entire carpark itself, major changes to the layout as required by Council and paid for by us.

Finally the concrete reinforcing of the area trucks will drive over at the rear of the store as they use the new loading bay area. Moving the loading bay from Maple St has long been a dream of ours and soon it will happen!