Big plans for the New Year

Boy, Am I excited! For those of you who know me, you get that I'm excited about pretty much anything that involves food, people and nutrition ;) BUT ... We do have huge plans for next year and I think you'll be happy about them too!

Our vision is to bring you more food events, more workshops and more inspiration to make food fun and easy. Here are a few highlights you can expect from early 2017:

Wine Expertise Events

The only thing better than eating good food ... is having a nice glass of somethin' special to enjoy with it! Andrew from the Purple Palate has been a wine judge and an accredited wine & spirits educator for the better part of a decade. You can enjoy his expertise (and fine alcohol) at some of our upcoming events!

Health-Dedicated Events.

I've been so humbled and grateful to receive your requests for events that focus on specific health conditions. Therefore, I'll be offering more FREE supermarket tours. Also high on the agenda is a low FODMAPS workshop, Gut Health High Tea and 'Mini Health Retreat' seminars...Watch this space for more info! (And if there's anything else YOU'd like to see, please let me know! Simply hit REPLY or catch me in store.)

A Cooking Club.

Food is more than culinary pleasure or fuel for your body, it's also about community and being connected. We've also noticed that quite a few of you attend regular events, and would like to find a way to say 'thank you'. Details to come - but this program will be to offer extra support and savings to our loyal community of foodies. 

A Wider Range of Cooking Classes.

We're just awaiting the final seal of confirmation on locations but early next year is jam packed with SO MUCH COOL STUFF! Keep an eye on your inbox for the full low down soon.

Gluten Free Walking Tour

Finally, if you've got family and friends on a gluten free diet, I kindly extend a very warm welcome to my free gluten free walking tour on January 17th. We'll have a yummy gluten free treat from Chef Amanda to enjoy at the end. Full details and bookings here.

I can't wait to cook with you in the New Year! Enjoy a beautiful Christmas with joyful eating,


In-Store dietician Kali Gray loves to help people nourish their eating habits.

In-Store dietician Kali Gray loves to help people nourish their eating habits.