Life’s Good..

Take one dynamic couple, add a love delicious flavours and all things local, throw in a good dollop of passion, excellent cooking skills, a bit of entrepreneurial flair and you have a hectic, yet booming little business called ‘Life's Good Curry Pastes!’

Sam Caine grew up in the hospitality industry, learning from his parents who ran a seafood restaurant in Caloundra. He learned the importance of supporting local food suppliers and keeping customers happy while developing his love of food. Sam went on to manage five star hotels from Brisbane to Cairns and along the way met wife Alice. The pair teamed up in events coordination and restaurant management, their dedication earning them a string of restaurant awards and induction into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame.

Travelled throughoutSouth East Asia, India and Europe the amazing flavours caught their attention… and their taste buds.

“When we returned home” said Sam, “We couldn’t find anything similar with that great authentic flavour. We started experimenting with a range of fragrant spices, making pastes for our friends. We kept introducing new flavours, then slowly began manufacturing and selling at local markets.”

The Life’s Good range now includes curry pastes, relish, sambal and chilli jam.  Choosing fresh, authentic, natural ingredients is one of the keys.

“80 percent of our ingredients are grown locally” smiles Sam, happy to be supporting local farmers and producers. “We also love that the herbs and spices we use have some amazing health benefits.”

The products are also designed to be extremely easy to prepare and use. With five children aged from two to 11, Sam and Alice understand the need for ease in the kitchen. At a recent Maleny IGA Foodies Night, Sam cooked up a Pumpkin Soup made with Red Curry Paste and Chiang Mai Paste - Chicken Kipfler with Star Anise.

On the night, Sam suggested guests use the milder Massaman Paste, containing 20 fragrant spices with beef, lamb or goat. The hotter Green Curry Paste, which is kept to medium heat to suit the Australian palate is ideal with poultry, seafood or pork. The Laksa is great with vegies and noodles while the Coriander and Almond makes an excellent baster or marinade.

The popular Sam’s Chilli Jam is a pantry ‘must have.’ Add it to cheese platters, in wraps, even on ice-cream. Sam describes it as ‘Sticky, sweet, jammy goodness with a deeply satisfying chilli tingle that will linger on your palate just long enough to make it impossible to resist another mouthful!’

“Our kids love cooking with us” he said, “So we’re always trying out new recipes. Their young palates have become used to the different spices and they are always quick to jump in with feedback!”

“Maintaining a balance” says Alice“Between paste production, market stalls, supplying our retailers and enjoying precious time with our five young, busy, crazy children is what we strive for in our lives today.We hope you love eating our products as much as we love making them!”

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