Lifes Good Curry PastesLifes Good Curry PastesFor Sunshine Coast locals Sam and Alice Caines, from Life’s Good CurryPastes, the name says it all and with their 5 children, they sure make the most of it!

They run the whole business themselves, from cooking, to packaging, and selling to customers, so there is never a dull moment in the Caines household. Sam has been around the hospitality industry since he was a baby, spending time at his parent’s seafood business before he went to kindergarten. He went on to work in hospitality for years, in between travelling through South East Asia, where he found his love of curry. In response to family and friends asking for their curry pastes, 12 years ago the couple decided that it was time to start making in bulk & sell at farmers markets and through their website.

As their reputation grew, customers at the Maleny IGA started requesting Life’s Good Curry Paste. Sam & Alice welcomed the opportunity to make their curries more accessible to customers who cannot get to the markets and began supplying us in March 2014. Their curry pastes are all gluten and dairy free, and made using local produce wherever possible. You don’t need to be an experienced cook to create a Life’s Good curry, as every jar has instructions on the back, with 12 servings (of mild to medium flavour) in each one. Life’s Good Curry Pastes will last 6 months in the fridge, so they are perfect for people who only eat curry every now and then. You can now find Life’s Good Curry Pastes in Maleny IGA’s Gifts and Gourmet Shop as well as in the main Maleny IGA store.