Matilda Gourmet AfrikaMatilda Scarfe local producer of Gourmet Afrika range of products recently took a group over to South Africa on a ‘Gourmet Safari’, to meet the locals, taste some of the dishes and see the animals.She says the diversity of culture in the country has introduced new South African versions of mainly European dishes into homes and restaurants in South Africa. This ‘blending of flavours’ is an emerging trend in South Africa and has developed as a result of the merging of local flavours with migrant’s favourite traditional meals. One of these is the Bobotie Lasagne which takes a traditional South African meat dish (Bobotie) and blends it with the Greek lasagne, creating a spicy union of the two traditional meals.

Did you know that Matilda Scarfe’s kitchen is a regular stop on the Maleny, Montville Local Food Bus Tour? Matilda recently gave a cooking demonstration and taste test including the newly released and very popular Gourmet Afrika Dukka at the Maleny IGA Gifts & Gourmet store “Foodie Night.”

What a great opportunity it was to try some of the diverse flavours of South Africa – the ‘rainbow nation’. The name refers to the country being a melting pot of cultures from across the globe, with Malaysian, Afrikaans, English, French and German people just some of the different nationalities living in the country Matilda cooked her Special Malay Curry for us, and said she wants people to know that unlike in India, South African curries are rarely hot. They are however, very flavoursome, due to the combination of the many different herbs and spices in the recipe.