Sara  and MarkusA big congratulations goes to Sara and Markus Bucher and all the staff at the Maleny Cheese Factory for their multi-award winning Apple and Cinnamon yoghurt! After Apple and Cinnamon yoghurt won Gold at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show in 2013, they were invited to submit it into the Australian Grand Dairy Awards this year, and it won again! Maleny Cheese was one of only two Queensland winners in the Australian Grand Dairy Awards categories so the award was a great opportunity to put Queensland on the dairy map!

A few years back when deciding to add a new flavour to their current yoghurt flavours, Sara and Markus wanted something unique, and came up with the idea of Apple and Cinnamon. Markus says “What I really like about this combination is the strong cinnamon flavour coming through, and I think yoghurt flavours need to be strong to be appreciated.” Markus believes food needs to be an experience for all the senses, and keeps this in mind when creating a new flavour.

With their newest flavour, a chocolate yoghurt, Markus aims for the chocolate scent to hit the consumer first, and ‘excite the senses’ before they have even tasted the first bite. Maleny Cheese Factory manufactures Greek & Swiss style yoghurt. Look for their brands “Maleny Cheese Factory” “Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt” and “Georges Authentic Greek Yoghurt”. One of their top sellers is “Bucher Muesli” yoghurt. Manufactured as a single serve yoghurt and muesli combined under their “Georges” brand.