The Montville State School was thankful to receive the $6740.62 from the Maleny Supa IGA CBC Funds, which assisted them purchase new furniture for the students, replacing some that has fallen into disrepair. The lovely handcrafted wooden tables and benches are made from recycled Camphor Laurel, at the workshop of one of the student’s parents, Brad Davidge, who is an experienced local wood craftsman. The design of the furniture was assisted by another parent, Architect David Gole. The Montville P&C are glad to be able to use the aromatic wood of the Camphor Laurel tree that grows abundantly in the area, and is considered to be a weed. Brad said that the tables and chairs took around 2 full days to make, with 3 people working on them, and is very happy with the results. The children are excited about the new furniture that has been designed specially to suit their small stature. The Montville State School P&C President, Corin Kelly, said that they “wanted to support local business and expertise”, and it has proven to be a great business opportunity for Brad, as he has received orders for more furniture from parents, for their homes. The Montville P&C was so impressed with the furniture that they have commissioned him to make more for another area of the school, to be used in conjunction with their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Project. The Kitchen Garden Project is an initiative of Adelaide based chef Stephanie Alexander, who has put on her ‘Jamie Oliver Hat’ and is encouraging schools to grow vege gardens and teach children how to cook with the food that they grow. The Kitchen Garden Project at Montville State School will kick off next year, and be a part of the science program curriculum. The program will involve the children assisting in the cultivation of the vegetables, and they will learn how to cook them into delicious meals in the school kitchen,and enjoy a shared meal together. Corin applauded the IGA’s contribution to local communities and wants to reinforce the practice to ‘shop locally’. “We are encouraging our school families to support the IGA because this can be turned into really valuable contributions, to a small school that has limited fund raising opportunities.”