The Maleny IGA donation of $500 to the Health and Wellness Festival was the perfect financial balm to assist Veronica Davidson to hire a professional sound engineer for the festival. As the festival centred around ‘The Sound of Healing’ theme. Maleny IGA’s donation contributed to one of the most important aspects of the event. Local sound guru Pix came to the party agreeing to discount his normal rate. Veronica said that the headline act for the festival, “Sacred Earth” were very happy when they heard that Pix was doing the sound, because he is one of the best around. The festival was a great success with approximately 400 people attending the Maleny Showgrounds to immerse themselves in the sound of healing. The event, which was held on Saturday the 12th of October brought to fruition Veronica’s vision of showcasing both the magic of Maleny and bringing together practitioners to share their skills by ‘encouraging health, wealth and happiness through peer support’. The festival featured both local performers and visitors from further afield including international sound artists Chris James and Sacred Earth.

As well as musical performances, the festival was a showcase for therapists and healers, artists, street performers, and an array of delicious healthy cuisine to lift the spirit. Veronica said everyone made mention of the uplifted energy of the event, and she felt this was attributed to the ceremony held with local Indigenous Elders of the area on the previous day. She said recently the boundaries for Indigenous peoples in the area has changed, so the ceremony brought together the Elders of the two different mobs for the ceremony to open the festival.