For the C and K Kindergarten in Maleny, the local Maleny IGA has been a huge support, allowing them to keep the centre afloat, but also assisting them with their sustainability projects around the centre. Director Ruth Law said that because they are a non-profit organisation they rely heavily on community support and their biggest supporter is Maleny IGA. Ruth said the recent contribution of $275.00 assisted them to buy a wooden dresser for the children in the classroom. “Over the years the IGA has helped us with purchasing all sorts of things for the centre. They have assisted us to buy the rainwater tanks, they helped with the plants, they paid for our 3 chooks, and they’ve paid for equipment. It’s been fantastic!” The movable chicken tractor cost $900 which they were able to buy with money from the Maleny IGA Community Benefit Fund. Having the chickens helps with teaching the children about where baby chickens and their eggs come from.

The centre has a strong focus on sustainability, and Ruth says that it is all ‘hands on’, with the children learning all aspects of sustainable living, including recycling everything, and apart from the chickens they also have a worm farm for the children’s lunch scraps. They have recently started planting an orchard with apple and other fruit trees, indigenous trees and an undercover area where they will be holding a yarning circle. “We’ve just got another grant through and we’re putting in an orchard and will be extending the undercover area to have musical instruments, and its really just a great place for the kids.”  Ruth said they like to give back something to the community, and they reciprocate with the money that comes to them from the Maleny IGA, by putting it back into the area. “If we use Maleny IGA funds then we use local builders. The money stays in the community and it’s not going elsewhere.”