The Maleny IGA CBC contribution of $1366.89 has been of huge benefit to the Maleny members of the Blackall Range Care respite group with the creation of an extra day at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, on Monday mornings. The Blackall Range Care Group provides community care services for people living on the range that require “assistance with health care, personal care and home maintenance”. For sick or elderly residents of the range, the opportunity to engage in social outings is an important part of life, and without it they would spend a lot of time in isolation, confined to their homes due to immobility, lack of transport and lack of social connections. The Blackall Range Care Group goes some way towards providing a better quality of life, through providing activities that bring them together with other like-minded people of their age group.Until recently the Maleny residents of the Blackall Range needed to travel to Flaxton for the daily respite activities which involve games, social outings and other activities, but due to the travel distance they were finding it to be a long day. The 6 month trial of the addition of the new day of respite in Maleny will mean that more people will be able to enjoy the community care services from the Blackall Range Care Group, without needing to travel so far from home.

The financial contribution from the Maleny IGA allowed the Blackall Range Care Group to fund the Monday morning session at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, with the purchase of new games, morning tea and other activities for the group. While at the MNC, the group enjoy a morning tea of food purchased from the IGA, and learn how to play Mahjong and other board games. Beryl and Cathy from the Blackall Range Group are excited for the opportunity to extend the service to allow for an extra day for residents from the Maleny area. “It was a long time on the bus for them, as there are lots of stops on the way to the Flaxton Cottage, so having it here in Maleny is great because it’s a very central place, and they’re enjoying it a lot.”