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Dry-Aged Beef Tips with Caine

Beef is aged in the cabinet at a low temperature for a number of weeks creating a very tender and tasty product.

Beef is aged in the cabinet at a low temperature for a number of weeks creating a very tender and tasty product.

As part of our recent renovations and in a first for the Sunshine Coast, we had our own custom-built Himalayan Salt Dry-Aged Beef cabinet installed.

Beef is aged in the cabinet at a low temperature for a number of weeks creating a very tender and tasty product.

When the dry-aged beef comes out of the cabinet we cut off the outside of the beef and slice into steaks or as per customer orders.

Dry-aged beef should be cooked the same way you would any other steak.

A few tips:

  • Always make sure your pan (cooking surface) is hot (near smoking).
  • Leave your meat out before you cook it so it reaches room temperature.
  • Always leave your meat to rest after cooking.

Spoil your Dad this Fathers Day with a lovely local dry-aged beef steak!

Organic Food Section Doubles

Have you noticed the organic section floor space has doubled?

Organic grocery items previously shelved throughout the store have now returned to the Organic / Health Food section.

This makes it easier for you to find all your organic items in one place. The only exception are the teas, they will be staying where they are.

Bee Man local Honey is now available in bulk sizes up to 3kgs!!

If you are wondering where Crystal Waters Honey has gone don’t panic, it will be back in stock after winter has passed, when more flowers are out.

More great news, we’ve recently taken on a new organic supplier and brought in organic flours and packet ready meals ie risottos etc.

Spring is here and if you are preparing for the beach season with shakes and smoothies check out our expanded range of powders in the Health Food Section.

I’m always on the lookout for the latest must-have organic product.

If you want a particular product ordered don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Universal Providers sign

Street View of Maleny IGA before the latest store front facelift.

Street View of Maleny IGA before the latest store front facelift.

As many of you know this store has been here since 1905 and is the only original business in Maleny, trading out of its original position. It was a general store providing groceries right from the beginning.

It has a long history and as Rob Outridge, owner of Maleny IGA says, “that sense of history is strong with us.”

In an effort to maintain the historical integrity of the front of the building only heritage colours were used in the building repaint after the renovation.

The Universal Providers sign is going back up on the front facade of the building and will be more prominent than it was in the past. You’ll see a much larger, illuminated sign.

All the Maleny Supa IGA signage will move to the front fascia and Universal Providers will dominate the facade.

Now the painting and renovation is complete, by the end of the year Rob  hopes to have all the signage finished.

Maleny IGA Opening Hours and Online Delivery Days

Look up and give Malcolm our Maleny Animal Trail possum a wave

Look up and give Malcolm our Maleny Animal Trail possum a wave

Opening Hours: 6am to 9pm Monday to Sunday

Online Shopping Delivery Days

Monday:  Bald Knob, Balmoral Ridge, Booroobin, Curramore, Maleny, North Maleny, Reesville, Witta, Wootha, Flaxton, Mapleton and Montville.

Wednesday: Bald Knob, Balmoral Ridge, Booroobin, Curramore, Maleny, North Maleny, Reesville, Witta, Wootha.

Bald Knob, Balmoral Ridge, Booroobin, Conondale, Curramore, Elaman Creek, Harpers Creek, Maleny, North Maleny, Reesville, Witta, Wootha.

Maleny Supa IGA 26 Maple Street, Maleny Phone (07) 5494 2257

Local Product News

  • Maleny Dairies has new product packaging.
  • Bee Man Honey now comes in bulk containers up to 3kg.
  • Maleny Cheese Factory Butter is back in stock.
  • The Pastie Pom Pâtés have new packaging.
  • Kenilworth Cheese new style of Edam.
  • Woombye Cheese Company new local blue cheese “Blackall Blue”

Maleny IGA Bakery Update

Roman Taberna fresh handmade pizza bases are proving very popular.  Made in Brisbane these used to be a frozen item and are now supplied fresh in a pack of three.  Find them on the top shelf in the small deli fridge to the right of the main deli counter.

French brioche is now available in the bakery department.  From the traditional rolls to a long chocolate brioche they are tasty treat.  Brioche is considered a Viennoiserie, and made in the same basic way as bread, with a richer pastry due to the extra addition of eggs, butter, liquid (milk, water, cream, and, sometimes, brandy) and occasionally a bit of sugar.

Italian Biscuits.  Five new types of Italian biscuits are recent additions to the international bakery range.  Cantuccini also known as Biscotti, a twice baked almond biscuit comes in two flavours; Mixed Berry & Lemon.

The other three Italian biscuits are similar to Australian jam drop cookies with a fine Italian pastry filled with Hazelnut paste, Apricot jam & Raspberry jam.

Zenders Gluten Free Breads are back in stock after being out of supply for a number of months due to a production issue.  They’ve moved to a new location and you’ll now find them just down from the fresh bread in the bakery freezer.

Have you seen the new top shelf in bakery full of sweet treats.  Three of the most popular are the Glazed Donuts, Blueberry Muffins and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  All the chocolate chip cookies and melting moments are cooked in-store at Maleny IGA.

Introducing Jo James

Jo James our Seafood Specialist has been with Maleny Supa IGA for nine months.

Previously managing a seafood section for another retailer in Yandina, the expanded seafood section at Maleny IGA and the freedom to create her own display and mixes enticed Jo to make the move here.

Raised in Yamba, a little fishing village in NSW, Jo has fished and surfed all her life.  You’ll find her at Maleny IGA behind the seafood counter from 7am to 3pm five days a week.

Jo has introduced a number of new seafood mixes.  These are a quick dinner solution.  Simply toss in the wok with a bit of olive oil on high for five minutes to cook.

Seafood mixes include NZ Mussels with Sweet Chilli, Onion and Capsicum, Prawn and Scallop mix &  Marina mix.

Other new lines include: Lemon & Dill Prawn Skewers and Hervey Bay Scallops.

If you are looking for something not in our display cabinet just ask as we may have extra supplies in the cold room.

Fresh seafood arrives every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  All of our fish is supplied fresh by a local company in Kawana.  Whole fish is a speciality, look for a new display section out the front of the Butchery Servery section

If you are late shopper and would like to pre-order your seafood, give Jo a ring and she can put it aside for you.

New local product popcorn!

Rory Cullinan, his wife and young family moved up to live on the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane in 2008.

In 2013 they started M.A.D (Make A Difference) Popcorn in Woombye and began selling it at Eumundi Markets as a social business enterprise.

Their aim was to create a viable small business and raise funds for a local charity. In April this year they introduced a new line to retail with the creation of the scrumptious Popcorn Lovers brand.

The majority of the ingredients are from Queensland. All the corn is grown in Kingaroy & the sugar is from Bundaberg, while the bases used are made overseas.  Popcorn Lovers popcorn is gluten free.  No additives or preservative options are also available.

Popcorn Lovers popcorn has a shelf life of four months thanks to a prevention barrier sheen on the packaging preventing oxygen transpiration and sugar’s natural preservative qualities. Popcorn Lovers Popcorn comes in eight delicious flavours.

Caramel, a blend of dark sugars and the most popular.  Salted Caramel, introduced recently is the current flavour trend.  Cappuccino, a caramel base with coffee running through it. Traditional Butterscotch.  Coconut, coconut bound into a butterscotch base. Choc Caramel, chocolate glaze and caramel. Macadamia, crushed local macadamia’s on a butterscotch base.  Rocky Road, a mix of chocolate, butterscotch, coconut and strawberry.

Local Frozen Meals

Gourmet Afrika Frozen FoodWhat a great opportunity to try some of the diverse flavours of South Africa, the ‘rainbow nation’. Local identity Matilda Scarfe is the driving force of Gourmet Afrika.  All her products are made in a commercial kitchen in Maleny.  While  you might be familiar with her take-home condiments did you know you can also take home her frozen meals?

Perfect for easy meals and easy entertaining! Wow your friends or family with these and no-one will know you simply reheated & served.

Unlike Indian curries, South African curries are rarely hot instead they contain a flavoursome combination of many different herbs and spices.

Meet the Maker & Taste Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Pates and Terrines

Are you partial to a bit of Pate and crackers?  Did you grow up when Terrines were available in all the local deli's?  Sue and Dave from Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B were so disappointed with the taste of commercial pates on the market they started making their own.

From making a few batches to enjoy with friends and family it's now grown into a burgeoning small gourmet business.  Maleny IGA is the first supermarket to stock their range and it's all thanks to our fantastic customers who spotted their stand at the Eumundi Markets and kept asking and asking for it to be sold in our supermarket.

As Sue says, "I've come to learn there are pate people and non-pate people.  All I need to do is give the pate people a taste of my products and most of them become customers. They love the taste, the low food miles and the local ingredients."

All their Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Pate's are gluten free and you have the choice of three flavours:

  • Salmon,
  • Cognac & Green Peppercorn,
  • Port & Black Peppercorn.

You can find their full range of pates  in the Maleny IGA Deli Cheese fridge along with some terrines.  Terrine's can also be made to order for special occasions - ask Janelle for more information.

Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Terrine jars are lined with pancetta and slow cooked in a bai marie.  Flavours include:

  • Celebration - Turkey Mince, Juniper Berry, Cranberry, Pistachios, Cognac, Herbs
  • Chicken & Sage,
  • Chicken & Cranberry,
  • Chicken & Pistachio,

If you are a pate person and would like to taste Eumundi Guesthouse and B & B Pates & Terrines you are in luck as we've got two dates booked in for in-store taste testing.

Look for Sue in the Deli section inside Maleny IGA between 2 - 4 pm on Friday 11th September and Friday 2nd October.

Life’s Good Curry Paste - Foodie Night

Life’s Good..

Take one dynamic couple, add a love delicious flavours and all things local, throw in a good dollop of passion, excellent cooking skills, a bit of entrepreneurial flair and you have a hectic, yet booming little business called ‘Life's Good Curry Pastes!’

Sam Caine grew up in the hospitality industry, learning from his parents who ran a seafood restaurant in Caloundra. He learned the importance of supporting local food suppliers and keeping customers happy while developing his love of food. Sam went on to manage five star hotels from Brisbane to Cairns and along the way met wife Alice. The pair teamed up in events coordination and restaurant management, their dedication earning them a string of restaurant awards and induction into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame.

Travelled throughoutSouth East Asia, India and Europe the amazing flavours caught their attention… and their taste buds.

“When we returned home” said Sam, “We couldn’t find anything similar with that great authentic flavour. We started experimenting with a range of fragrant spices, making pastes for our friends. We kept introducing new flavours, then slowly began manufacturing and selling at local markets.”

The Life’s Good range now includes curry pastes, relish, sambal and chilli jam.  Choosing fresh, authentic, natural ingredients is one of the keys.

“80 percent of our ingredients are grown locally” smiles Sam, happy to be supporting local farmers and producers. “We also love that the herbs and spices we use have some amazing health benefits.”

The products are also designed to be extremely easy to prepare and use. With five children aged from two to 11, Sam and Alice understand the need for ease in the kitchen. At a recent Maleny IGA Foodies Night, Sam cooked up a Pumpkin Soup made with Red Curry Paste and Chiang Mai Paste - Chicken Kipfler with Star Anise.

On the night, Sam suggested guests use the milder Massaman Paste, containing 20 fragrant spices with beef, lamb or goat. The hotter Green Curry Paste, which is kept to medium heat to suit the Australian palate is ideal with poultry, seafood or pork. The Laksa is great with vegies and noodles while the Coriander and Almond makes an excellent baster or marinade.

The popular Sam’s Chilli Jam is a pantry ‘must have.’ Add it to cheese platters, in wraps, even on ice-cream. Sam describes it as ‘Sticky, sweet, jammy goodness with a deeply satisfying chilli tingle that will linger on your palate just long enough to make it impossible to resist another mouthful!’

“Our kids love cooking with us” he said, “So we’re always trying out new recipes. Their young palates have become used to the different spices and they are always quick to jump in with feedback!”

“Maintaining a balance” says Alice“Between paste production, market stalls, supplying our retailers and enjoying precious time with our five young, busy, crazy children is what we strive for in our lives today.We hope you love eating our products as much as we love making them!”

Maleny Supa IGA Marketing Creative Direction, Content & Engagement Strategies was managed exclusively by Blainey Creative & Consulting during from June 2012 to December 2014

Please contact us @ Maleny IGA for written approval prior to using this copyrighted material.

Maleny Supa IGA  •  26 Maple St, Maleny  •  Ph: 5494 2257

Life’s Good Curry Pastes

Lifes Good Curry PastesLifes Good Curry PastesFor Sunshine Coast locals Sam and Alice Caines, from Life’s Good CurryPastes, the name says it all and with their 5 children, they sure make the most of it!

They run the whole business themselves, from cooking, to packaging, and selling to customers, so there is never a dull moment in the Caines household. Sam has been around the hospitality industry since he was a baby, spending time at his parent’s seafood business before he went to kindergarten. He went on to work in hospitality for years, in between travelling through South East Asia, where he found his love of curry. In response to family and friends asking for their curry pastes, 12 years ago the couple decided that it was time to start making in bulk & sell at farmers markets and through their website.

As their reputation grew, customers at the Maleny IGA started requesting Life’s Good Curry Paste. Sam & Alice welcomed the opportunity to make their curries more accessible to customers who cannot get to the markets and began supplying us in March 2014. Their curry pastes are all gluten and dairy free, and made using local produce wherever possible. You don’t need to be an experienced cook to create a Life’s Good curry, as every jar has instructions on the back, with 12 servings (of mild to medium flavour) in each one. Life’s Good Curry Pastes will last 6 months in the fridge, so they are perfect for people who only eat curry every now and then. You can now find Life’s Good Curry Pastes in Maleny IGA’s Gifts and Gourmet Shop as well as in the main Maleny IGA store.

Champion Yoghurt

Sara  and MarkusA big congratulations goes to Sara and Markus Bucher and all the staff at the Maleny Cheese Factory for their multi-award winning Apple and Cinnamon yoghurt! After Apple and Cinnamon yoghurt won Gold at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show in 2013, they were invited to submit it into the Australian Grand Dairy Awards this year, and it won again! Maleny Cheese was one of only two Queensland winners in the Australian Grand Dairy Awards categories so the award was a great opportunity to put Queensland on the dairy map!

A few years back when deciding to add a new flavour to their current yoghurt flavours, Sara and Markus wanted something unique, and came up with the idea of Apple and Cinnamon. Markus says “What I really like about this combination is the strong cinnamon flavour coming through, and I think yoghurt flavours need to be strong to be appreciated.” Markus believes food needs to be an experience for all the senses, and keeps this in mind when creating a new flavour.

With their newest flavour, a chocolate yoghurt, Markus aims for the chocolate scent to hit the consumer first, and ‘excite the senses’ before they have even tasted the first bite. Maleny Cheese Factory manufactures Greek & Swiss style yoghurt. Look for their brands “Maleny Cheese Factory” “Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt” and “Georges Authentic Greek Yoghurt”. One of their top sellers is “Bucher Muesli” yoghurt. Manufactured as a single serve yoghurt and muesli combined under their “Georges” brand.

Suncoast Limes

Linda picking a lime Suncoast Lime Range squareDaniel and Linda Tabone have been lime farmers since 2002, and enjoy making their lime cordial for themselves at home.Their cordial recipe is one that has been passed down for generations in Linda’s family. In 2010 due to a flood of produce in the lime market, they found that they were not getting paid enough for their limes, so they decided to trial selling their lime cordial commercially at the Eumundi markets. When they started they didn’t think it would take off, but it did, and over the next 4 years they built it into a successful business. Linda and Daniel have developed their range to include their all natural pre diluted Suncoast Limes cordial in small bottles, ready to go. A sugar-free cordial and a lime salt, and lime chilli salt have recently been added to their range as well.

Daniel commissioned a prototype machine to remove the lime zest which goes into their lime salt, saving him a lot of time doing it by hand. They are currently working on a delicious ‘Limeberry Fizz’ recipe; combining strawberry and lime, with a planned launch sometime next year.

Maleny IGA is delighted to have Suncoast Limes locally made products now available for our customers. Pre diluted, read to drink Suncoast Lime drink is in the fridge section in Maleny IGA. Two standard and sugar free Lime Cordial are available in 500 mls and 1 litre bottles. Suncoast Gourmet Salts, Chilli and Lime and Lime add a delicious flavour to salads and vegetables. You’ll find them both in our Gifts and Gourmet store and in the Local Products section near the milk in Maleny IGA.

Food Night 18th June with Trevor Hart from Cedar St Cheeserie

TrevorTrevor Hart’s Buffalo Cheeses are in demand by top chefs all over Australia. Did you know he makes them locally right here in Maleny. Come along to our next Foodie night 6pm on Wednesday 18th June and meet the maker himself. Taste his award winning Haloumi, Mozzarella and A Love Supreme.

As Trevor says “I make cheese in a traditional way; fresh cheese from pure and unadulterated fresh milk by hand. My choice of milk is buffalo milk from Mal & Margaret Thompson’s dairy in Witta just 5 minutes down the road from my micro cheeserie in Maleny. Buffalo cheeses have many great qualities but its greatest is its uniquely creamy taste. The making of cheese is measured in millenia. As a way of preserving milk to stave off hunger in the winter months originally, it has risen to become a food artform.”

We will also have a brand new RAW Superfood GREEN Salad Dressing for you to try and warm local herbal teas and hot cocoa! Held at Maleny IGA's Gift s & Gourmet 15 Maple St, book your spot at Gift s n Gourmet. FREE to attend. Bookings preferred.

Trevor was recently interviewed by Mary-Lou Stephens from ABC Radio Sunshine Coast. Here is a recording of his interview.

Walker Family “Chook Eggs”

The Walker Family Since our December Newsletter article and Maleny IGA Kenilworth Local Food Tour visited the Walker family farm last year, Kacey Walker has become famous! Appearing on the April cover of the Courier Mail “Taste” insert with an article and follow up interviews re changes to free range chicken laws reducing the ranging area.

The Walker family use the term ‘nomadic, pasture-laid eggs’ to describe their eggs. Walker Family Farm eggs actually are truly free-range, as their chickens roam around the pasture all day. A large area of land is enclosed in portable fencing creating their chook paddock.

Their enclosure and chook caravan is moved regularly around the property, so they always have green grass to eat.George Walker says “chickens can take up to 40% grass in their diet,” so unlike barn-laid eggs, their nomadic chickens get this valuable source of chlorophyll making their ‘Chook Eggs’ high in essential Omega 3 oils.

The Walker family have recently adopted another 450 chickens, and added a second chook caravan to their farm at Cambroon, 30 minutes from Maleny. This helps them keep up with Maleny IGA shoppers demand for their delicious nomadic, pasture-laid eggs.

According to Kacey, the response to their eggs has been phenomenal since the Maleny IGA started stocking them. They take 1800 eggs in to the IGA, twice a week, and they still sell out!

George remembers the phone call from Peter, the IGA produce manager, just before Christmas, saying “don’t wait for us to call you, just bring them in.”

With their children Lachlan, David and Abbie helping out on the farm and collecting the eggs you can feel this family’s care and pride in their product.Room to Roam for Walker Family Farm Chickens

Gourmet Maleny Montville Food Tours

Maleny Montville Local Food ToursIn 2013 Lisa Blainey-Lewin created & tested six different local food bus routes for us visiting our fabulous local food providers all over the Sunshine Coast. One of those routes, the Maleny, Montville tour was so popular during 2014 with Lisa at the helm we partnered with Lynn from Mystic Mountain Tours, Karen & Richard from Montville Coffee, Sara & Markus of Maleny Cheese Factory, Chris & Jodi from Pomodoras on Obi, Pete & Belinda of Wild Rocket at Misty’s, Matilda from Gourmet Afrika, Ross Hopper of Maleny Dairies and the volunteers from Maleny Visitor Information Centre to bring you the same tour each month.

This ran until October 2014 when we ceased our subsidy of the tours and Lisa began running them and new food tours under a new business Food Tale Tours.

In April 2015 Lisa sold the tours to Lynn from Mystic Mountain Tours who continues to run them today both as scheduled tours and smaller private tours.

We are very proud to have played a part in establishing local food tours on the Sunshine Coast.


Maleny IGA Foodie Nights

Foodie NightIn April we introduced “Foodie Nights” over in our Gifts and Gourmet store. Held on a Wednesday night, featuring a cooking demonstration and a taste-testing and has no entry fee. The photo above is from our second Foodie night featuring Matilda from Gourmet Afrika and Beigli Cake. Our first foodie night Todd from Fine Life Food Company showed us how to cook with Truffle Oil and answered questions on why Italian Olive oil and pasta tastes different to Australian varieties. Todd is coming back on 30th July so if you missed him last time you can catch him this time around.

On our first foodie night we also sampled the delicious Suncoast Limes cordials and gourmet Lime Salt. Two brands will be featured at each foodie night; one local and one international or two local.

We decided to hold Foodie nights so you have the opportunity to mingle and meet local food producers and taste international gourmet food.

FOODIE NIGHTS FOR 2014 Wednesday nights 6pm to 8pm on the 28 May, 18 June, 30 July, 20 August, 10 September, 1 & 29 October, 12 & 19 November, 3 & 10 December. Note: These dates may vary dependant on supplier availability.

Matilda from Gourmet Afrika

Matilda Gourmet AfrikaMatilda Scarfe local producer of Gourmet Afrika range of products recently took a group over to South Africa on a ‘Gourmet Safari’, to meet the locals, taste some of the dishes and see the animals.She says the diversity of culture in the country has introduced new South African versions of mainly European dishes into homes and restaurants in South Africa. This ‘blending of flavours’ is an emerging trend in South Africa and has developed as a result of the merging of local flavours with migrant’s favourite traditional meals. One of these is the Bobotie Lasagne which takes a traditional South African meat dish (Bobotie) and blends it with the Greek lasagne, creating a spicy union of the two traditional meals.

Did you know that Matilda Scarfe’s kitchen is a regular stop on the Maleny, Montville Local Food Bus Tour? Matilda recently gave a cooking demonstration and taste test including the newly released and very popular Gourmet Afrika Dukka at the Maleny IGA Gifts & Gourmet store “Foodie Night.”

What a great opportunity it was to try some of the diverse flavours of South Africa – the ‘rainbow nation’. The name refers to the country being a melting pot of cultures from across the globe, with Malaysian, Afrikaans, English, French and German people just some of the different nationalities living in the country Matilda cooked her Special Malay Curry for us, and said she wants people to know that unlike in India, South African curries are rarely hot. They are however, very flavoursome, due to the combination of the many different herbs and spices in the recipe.