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Maleny Supa IGA - Working For The Community

Maleny Supa IGA is the oldest original commercial premises in Maleny. Locals have been getting their supplies from the “Universal Providers” Building in Maple Street since 1905. Rob and Samantha purchased the business prior to Christmas in 1995 and have transformed it into a modern supermarket, maintaining the intrinsic appeal of a traditional country store.”

What a great place to shop

A Peek down our aisles shows that we have a fabulous array of general groceries, local goodies, exotic gourmet needs, international and imported ingredients.


Gluten Free Products


We stock a growing range of gluten free and health giving products and we make our Gluten Free products easy to identify with pink tickets.


Local & Aussie Products


We promote local and Australian made/owned products heavily with our unique blue ticket system.

Any products produced locally will have a blue cow ticket to make them easily identified.


Old Fashioned Service


We have discounts for our senior customers and are happy to help our customers to their car with your groceries. We have a team of Customer Assistants trained to help you from the minute you arrive until your groceries are safely in your car.


Online Grocery Offer

You can shop online with us and either have your groceries home delivered, delivered to your workplace,  or collect them from our store in Maleny.

We deliver to most of the Sunshine Coast!

Go to our website and follow the links.

Enjoy our full range of the best quality fresh and local foods and save your valuable time to do the things that are important to you.


Talk To Us

With your help we can ensure we are doing the things that matter to you. We would especially love to hear about a great experience you have had in our store. We love to hear when one of our team does their job well or goes above and beyond. Please let us know so that we can applaud them. You can contact us in a number of ways. You can email us on You can use the forms available here on our website and you can send messages on our facebook page. We also have feedback forms available in the store for the spur of the moment comments. If you prefer to talk to us directly, please call 54942257 and ask to talk to our Store Manager, Sam Davies or our Grocery Manager, Ben Newman.

  • "We love the bread baked in store. Also like the local Maleny produce. The staff are friendly and we like that our shopping benefits the rural fire brigade. Also love the Beerwah ham!"

    - Christine Lemon - Reeseville
  • "I love the friendly helpful staff and their above and beyond service. They really care. It is always an easy and hassle free experience - quite relaxing actually. "

    - Sally Fricker - Curramore
  • "Maleny IGA has a relaxed, friendly, country atmosphere that we do not find in any other supermarket, IGA or otherwise.

    - Jennifer McClure - Elimbah
  • "After only moving to Maleny in May last year, the IGA is somewhere I instantly felt at home and like I am visiting friends each time I shop there."

    - Annabelle Brant - Maleny
  • "I like being recognised by the staff and the friendliness. It's local and helps the community."

    - N. Rose - Maleny
  • "When we are in the area, your shop is the only place we trust."

    - Dan & Rosie White - Sunshine Coast
  • "I like your friendly staff, wide range of products and competitive prices."

    - J Maddison - Mount Mellum
  • "What do you like about shopping at Maleny Supa IGA?
    Friendly staff and the familiarity of everyone. Also I usually see many people I know which makes shopping a lovely social experience.

    - Joy Marshall - Maleny
  • "I like that some staff are on a first name basis, which makes for relaxed shopping, never any pressure."

    - Chas & Carol Morris - Conondale
  • " Top marks for staff training and customer service"

    - L Frencham - Montville
  • "I love the warm fuzzy friendly experience & the local produce. Staff are so happy & helpful."

    - Annabelle Brant
  • "I love the pleasant & helpful staff, plus the atmosphere. Compared to Brisbane supermarkets it's streets ahead. No one gives a rats down there!"

    - Grace Innes-Guy - Maleny
  • "Maleny Supa IGA is a large store that has a good atmosphere"

    - Wendy Hoger
  • "

    Thought we'd share some feedback with you...

    Nadine wrote -

    "I use internet shopping for just about everything - but this website was sooo easy. I wanted to know what you had available in your online range and there wasnt anything on my everyday shopping list that wasn't there - and when you\'re trying to please everyone in a family of five, your online range makes shopping easy! Brilliant idea that will be of great use to the Maleny community.

    Our IGA certainly does things differently!"

    Great to hear such positive feedback. Thanks Nadine.


    - Online Grocery Shopping
  • "

    The delivery lady for my area is particularly lovely and also helpful. Thank You.


    - Susan....Online Shopper
  • "

    Thanks for making on-line shopping available to those of us who are stay at home people.


    - Online Shopper
  • "

    I received my first delivery from you today and just want to say how very impressed I am with  the service. Everything of the highest quality and packed so beautifully.   Wonderful.  Thank you so much.



    - Elizabeth Searle
  • "


    Thanks so much for the free fruit and veg pack!

    It was a lovely suprise and much appreciated.

    The delivery girl was great and carried the boxes inside and unpacked onto the bench for me, which was really helpful.

    Fab service, thanks

    T.B. from Obi Obi


    - T.B. from Obi Obi
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